7 Things To Ask Your Wedding Transport Supplier

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When it comes to planning your wedding day transport, you may have dreams of a vintage Rolls Royce, a horse and carriage, a limo, or maybe something a little more edgy – like motorcycles! Booking transport requires time and common sense, as well as a few practical steps to ensure your arrive safely and in style.

Here are 7 important things you should ask your transport supplier before signing on the dotted line:

1. Can I see your cars/horses/vehicles?

You have just come across your ideal car on the internet, the page is slick and fancy, the photos of the vehicles are stunning…what’s not to trust? Always ask if you can go to the premises to see the cars or horses in real life. If they are legitimate, there will be no problem. If they are not, you run the risk of either losing your money altogether or turning up in a cart with a donkey.

2. How many people does it hold?

You might think that stretched limousine will hold you, all your bridesmaids and the flower girls but there is always that chance that it has a seat limit. The company will not be insured to carry over the allowed amount so always ask to make sure.

3. Can we pay off the payments after a deposit?

Most places will let you put down a deposit and pay off the remainder of the bill within a set amount of time. Some places might even let you pay off the deposit. Weddings are an expensive, competitive market – they want your business so ask, it could take some of the pressure off your budget.

4. How long do we have the hire for?

Will you have your horse and carriage all day? Will they hang around after delivering you to the venue for you to pose in the carriage for photos? Will you have the car exclusively all day or is it going to be booked for another event later on? It’s best to check if you plan to use it throughout the day.

5. Can we see some references/photos of past customers?

Again, if they are a legitimate company, they will have no problem sharing reviews and photos of happy newlyweds posing by their cars. In fact, their sales pitch probably includes it. Other peoples’ experiences are a good way to gauge whether a company is good or bad and helps you weigh up the pros and cons.

6. What would happen if the car broke down?

Nightmare thought: There you are, cruising along in your dress, nerves peaking and then ‘pfffft’…the engine dies. Is there a standby car? Is there someone immediately coming to drive you onward while someone else waits for the recovery vehicle? Check, then double check.

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7. Are you insured?

You presume they are. Sure, they are a transport company, but who knows. You can’t be too careful, so ask about motor/third party insurance and public liability insurance. You do not want to pay for their incompetence if they aren’t.

By Rebecca Armstrong, Excalibur Press