7 Things To Consider When Talking To Your Hairstylist

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You just can’t afford to have a bad hair day on your wedding day, you won’t feel at your best and the pictures could haunt you for years to come! But there are ways to prep ahead of time and avoid any disasters, including having a good discussion with your stylist to ensure that they make your hair look the part.

Here are 7 things to bring up in conversation with your hairstylist before you head down the aisle:


1. Arrange to have at least one trial

The first time the stylist does your hair cannot be on your wedding day. You need to have had your hair styled the way you want it at least once (preferably more) to ensure that you are indeed satisfied with how it looks. If you have an image in your head of your hair being styled a certain way and it turns out completely different to what you expected, there’s no going back on the day of your wedding. At least with a trial you can say, ‘Okay, that didn’t work, so next time let’s try this style’. If you leave it until the day you run the risk of not liking your hair and having no time to change it, and looking back you don’t want to have any regrets.

2. Show your stylist your dress

You could have an idea of how you want your hair to be styled but when you see your hair together with your dress you may feel that it ruins the look that you were going for. That is why it is advisable to show your stylist your dress beforehand so that they can give you their input on which style they think would go best with it. It is also advisable that, at one of your trials, you actually put your dress on to see if your hair goes well with style and that the look you were going for has been achieved. You should also inform your stylist if you are planning to change into an evening dress so that they can style your hair to compliment both of the looks that you are going for.

3. Get your stylist’s opinion

While it is entirely your choice which way you would like your hair, and you pay your stylist to carry out the look you want, it does no harm to find out what they think would suit you best. After all, these people are experts in their field, and even letting them experiment with your hair or doing it up in a way they think would suit you may actually be beneficial. The way they style your hair may be nicer than the style you were originally thinking of, and if you are completely clueless about what you want it can be a real eye opener.

4. Know your colours

If, like many brides, you are intent on having highlights put through your hair for your big day make sure you know exactly what colour you want. Whether it is a golden touch or an all-over change of colour, be certain before you tell your stylist. When you do know, be sure to tell your stylist months in advance of the wedding. That way they can give you their feedback early and if they are agree then they can gradually build up the colour over time until you are happy. Telling them early allows them to fix the colour if you aren’t content and make certain that it’s the one you envisioned it would be. After all, the photos will last a lifetime!

5. Let your stylist know where your photos are being taken

Your stylist may have to adjust the way they decide to do your hair depending on whether your pictures will be taken indoors or outdoors. If your photos will be outdoors they have to take into account the chance of adverse weather conditions, and may have to apply certain products to make sure your hair stays in the chosen style through rain, wind, hail or snow. If your photos are indoors they will have to ensure your hair sits great and looks good from various angles, after all, the cameraman will be snapping away from every possible angle.

6. Let them know if you are wearing a veil or headpiece

It’s integral to let your stylist know if you are planning on wearing a veil or any other hair piece on the day so that they can style your hair in a way it won’t be disturbed by these accessories, but will actually show them off. Your stylist should also be experienced enough to be able to properly attach the veil or headpiece so that there is no chance of it falling off or wrecking your hair during the day.

7. Tell your stylist if you want extensions early on

If you want extensions to really lift your hair for your big day then be sure to mention to your stylist at the trial about the possibility of getting them fitted. They will be able to recommend to you colours and lengths which would suit and then help you to weave the perfect style around them for the big day. At the trial, have the extensions in your hair to see if you like them and if you do, be sure to have your stylist fit them at least two weeks in advance of the wedding. This allows you to wash them a few times, making them look better and allowing them to grow a bit to become more comfortable on the day.