7 Things To Consider While Choosing Wedding Flowers

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Flowers are an integral part of any wedding and so deserve special consideration has to be given in choosing them.

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Know your budget

On average, 10% of a wedding budget is spent on flowers which is money well spent as they play such an important role in dressing your venues.

Take advantage of the season 

If you don’t have any particular preference when it comes to flowers, stick with what’s in season to keep costs down. Talk to your florist about colour schemes and let them do the rest.


The wedding bouquet is an important accessory in the bride’s overall attire and attention should be paid to match it to the style of the dress and the proportions of the bride. Choose one that matches the wedding theme, is in proportion to the bride’s height, and compliments the wedding dress style.


Take advantage of your florist’s expertise. They have likely been providing wedding flowers for many years so trust them to prepare arrangements which will complement your colour scheme and desired style.


If your wedding colour scheme is neutral, use flowers to add colour and lift the overall look. Wild flowers can inject bursts of colour into a summer wedding, and Christmas themes blooms can be used to add vibrancy to a winter wedding. Consult your florist and use their knowledge to help bring your theme to life.

Flowers with a twist

Instead of a traditional display, why not use flowers to accessorise your outfit in other ways?  Give a bohemian look to your summer wedding dress by adding a garland of flowers to you head, or use tropical flowers for extravagant button holes to add colour to the groomsmen’s outfits.

Centre stage

Flowers are a fabulous addition to any centrepiece and can be twirled into fishbowls or tall vases for maximum effect. Add things such as coloured class beads or feathers to mix up the colours and textures.

Don’t forget how much flowers can influence the scent of a room too and add greenery to keep the cost of the blooms down to within budget.