7 Top Tips For Choosing A Winter Wedding Outfit

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The warmer months might be the more traditional time to hold a wedding, but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘Game Over’ for your wardrobe if you receive an invite to a winter one. In fact, winter weddings are an opportunity to experiment with new outfits and wear something that little bit bolder.

Have you got a winter wedding to attend and need a little wardrobe guidance? These tips are for you:

winter wedding

1. Wear black if you want to

Black clothing at a summer wedding is a no-no, but surprisingly, this doesn’t hold up for winter weddings. Better still, it looks chic rather than sombre. Keeping your outfit simple with lace, some nice shoes and some good-quality tailoring will have you looking the part without upstaging the bride (that would most certainly be a no-no).

2. Try wearing a jumpsuit

If you’re having a bit of a wardrobe dilemma and are in two minds about what to wear, you can count on a jumpsuit to settle the dispute. Jumpsuits are a versatile type of clothing that suit lots of different occasions. You’ll always look good and you’ll always look stylish.

3. Make sure shorter dresses have sleeves

Just because the summer is over, it doesn’t mean you can’t still wear a short dress. It looks smart and you’ll be able to dance more easily after the wedding meal. There’s just one condition: make sure it has long sleeves. Ideally, the dress should also be a dark colour and be of a reasonably thick material. It’s winter, don’t forget.

4. Suit up

You don’t necessarily have to wear a dress, of course. Why not be that little bit more daring and wear a suit instead? If you’re going to take that plunge, leave your formal office suits hanging in the wardrobe — they’ll look far too corporate — and choose something bolder. Combine the suit with some high heels and a statement jewellery piece, and that’s you ready to go

5. Go floral

The good news is, if you like floral designs, they’re as acceptable in winter as they are in summer. A black maxi-dress with a bold floral design can work well with a blue suede clutch and some smart court dress shoes, for instance.

6. Make a statement with your coat

If you’re attending an outdoor ceremony or celebration, you’ll want to keep warm while staying on top of your fashion game. You can make a statement with your coat or go for something that teams up more subtly with your outfit. Dress coats, wool wrap coats and even trench coats will all keep things classy.

7. Take care with footwear

You don’t want the cold nibbling at your toes, so make sure your footwear has closed toes. Pumps are the classic, go-to shoe in winter time, but don’t rule out sock boots or slingback flats. Whatever you choose, you should leave the party sandals at home.

If you know what you want to wear but not which colours, grey and other cooler colours, as well as rich tones such as burgundy, will all have you looking at your best.

By Peter Jenkins