7 Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Table Centrepiece

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Lets face it girls the bride does most of the choosing and styling for the wedding feast and just when you think you’re getting on top of things someone asks about table centrepieces – Aaaaaagh.

I feel your pain but don’t fret there is always a solution. Your wedding centrepieces are important because as a display item they are always seen and every table will have one.

They add beauty, glamour and fun decoration to your chosen wedding theme.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing your centrepiece:

1. Visibility

Ideally they should not affect visibility around the table, neither should they hinder the caterers when they are serving at the table.  I know – your head is starting to hurt, you’re thinking tape measures and will great aunt Aggie be able to see over it or around it and she’s cross already because she couldn’t bring her pet pooch!

Don’t worry there are lots of ways to achieve the right centrepiece for you. They can be whatever you want them to be and the choice is endless, from traditional roses to hessian covered jam jars filled with tulips.

wedding centrepieces

2. Fab Florals

Flowers are a timeless and popular choice as a centrepiece. They are quite simply beautiful.  Whatever time of year your wedding is, there are flowers for every season and can be coloured coordinated to suit your chosen wedding theme and colours.

If you like rustic charm try using an assortment of different coloured glass bottles and jars or try clear glass bottles and jars with the lower half covered in hessian.

Fill them with green leaves, lavender and daisies. As an extra touch try spraying apples gold or silver and place on tables. This is very effective, homespun and with a touch of glamour all at the same time.


3. Green Fingers

Do you and your future husband have green fingers? This is something you could maybe do together. Fill terracotta pots with flowers of your choice and for a very personal touch, put in some flowers you have grown.

White hydrangeas add a stylish touch or try filling with colours to match your tablecloths. Don’t fancy terracotta pots – why not try watering cans filled with daffodils, a must for any easter bride.


4. Vintage

If you like vintage or vintage retro the birdcage is an excellent choice. They are multifunctional and can be used to hold table number cards, or fill with flowers or both.

You could try filling them with an assortment of different sized candles or simply cover the birdcage with pretty butterflies.

Finish by adding a scattering of coloured sequin petals on the table and you have a centrepiece that will be admired.


5. Quirky

Placing brightly coloured flowers in mis-matched china or glass containers adds a touch of delightful, quirky charm.

This is very versatile and looks great no matter what your wedding colour scheme or theme. It could also be part of your something borrowed wedding tradition.

Of course you could go for fab and fun with some wonderfully decorated balloons.


6. Candles

A tall slim candelabra (can be spray painted any colour you choose) and always looks good with any kind of dressing you put on it – just like tall, skinny models. Seriously, no matter how much or how little decoration you put on them they never look overdone or underdone.

Three or five arm generally work best size wise. Seven arm can be a bit on the wide side depending on the actual style.

Be as cheeky and bold or as shy as you like with them, using masses of flowers or simply candles and drape with pearls or beads of your choice.


7. Filled With Treats

Very tall wine glasses are a novel way to decorate your tables, filling them with dolly mixtures, or a mix of everyone’s favourite retro sweets from clove rock, aniseed balls, lovehearts, or butterkist.

If treats aren’t your style, they also look great with a stylish candle inside.


Live happy, live long, love and laugh a lot.

By Valerie Anderson, Excalibur Press

NW Brides Edition 10