7 Top Tips For Rocking An Eco Wedding

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As we’re becoming more aware of the damage we’re doing to our planet, a lot of couples are keeping their carbon footprint in mind when they are planning their big day.
There are a wealth of eco-friendly options available for you to plan a rocking wedding whilst protecting our lovely planet.

Here are 7 ways you can stay eco-friendly on your big day:

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1. Invites
If you want to be totally eco you can use E-vites and cut paper out completely. Lots of couples make videos and send them to their friends on social media, and you can get really creative here – play around with animation or write a song.
You can still be an eco warrior by using recycled paper for the traditional invite, or go one step further with seeded paper. This fantastic paper has seeds embedded in it so your guests can plant it in their garden and receive some beautiful wild flowers.
2. Venue
When you are talking to reception venues before you book, ask them how eco-friendly they are. Have they taken any steps to reduce their carbon emission? Is this something they consider to be important?
You can enquire with restaurants if their produce is fair trade and if they source produce locally when they can. It’s also a good idea to ask if they use ingredients that are in season, organic and sustainably-sourced.
3. Cake
Ask whoever is baking your cake to use organic ingredients and make sure that the eggs used are coming from happy, free-range chickens.
4. Honeymoon
If you want to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint during your wedding you can find a honeymoon destination close to home and avoid flying. If you’re craving something a bit further afield there are plenty of eco-resorts you can look in to. You’ll have the choice of jungle getaways, low-impact beach resorts, nature reserves, ski resorts, African safari’s and Caribbean eco resorts.
5. Flowers
Instead of having cut flowers on your big day, why not have potted plants instead? You can have little potted herbs on the table for decoration and taller plants as room decor. Guests can then take the plants home with them to remind them of how much fun they had. If you’re heart is set on cut flowers try to find ones that are locally grown and organic.
6. Dress
Instead of buying your dress new you can have a look in your local charity and vintage shops. It’s amazing what you can find and at a fraction of the price. If you see something that you like but it’s not prefect you can always hire a seamstress to customise it to your taste and personality.
7. Favours
Why not give wildflower seeds as your favours? Not only do your guests get a brighter garden but it provides some much needed food for our friends, the bees. What ever you decide to give, try to stay away from anything plastic or throw away and choose gifts without individual packaging.
By Jennifer Warnock, Excalibur Press