7 Top Tips To Help You Ace Your Wedding Budget

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Weddings are known for being incredibly expensive, it’s a sad fact of life. Couples often save for years to live out their dream day and often feel stressed out by the expense of their wedding budget.

But budgeting for your wedding shouldn’t be a burden or mean having to compromise on your plans. Instead, there are some smart ways to cut unwanted extra costs so that you can afford to have your day just as you like.

Here are 7 top tips to help you make some clever cuts to your wedding budget while still having the perfect day…

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1. Choose The Smartest Date

Saturdays are always incredibly expensive whichever your venue because they are the most in demand. But they don’t have to be. Picking a bank holiday weekend for your wedding or making it an evening affair mid-week could save you thousands.

2. Take It Slow

Don’t rush the planning process as this is where the majority of silly decisions are made in a panic. It’s better to plan over a year in advance to give yourself a chance to do the research you need. This will also mean you can look into booking everything separately which is often cheaper than opting for a package deal or accepting what the venue offers.

Most importantly, taking it slow allows you to get the best deals from caterers, florists and the like. That way you can guarantee getting the businesses you want at the prices you can afford.


3. Look In Unusual Places For Wedding Gowns

Look for white formal dresses online and in store to find wedding gowns not advertised for brides. These will be much cheaper and just as nice.

If you’re into the vintage look or want something a little different many charity shops now have wedding sections, always remember a good seamstress can make all the right alterations to a pre-loved gem.

4. Get Creative With The Menu

The food is often one of the priciest parts so avoiding a sit down meal or thinking of cheaper alternatives that everyone will enjoy can save you a fortune.

Lots of people opt for smaller wedding cakes and less alcohol choices so that they can spend more on the main food. Then, thinking outside the box of chicken or fish can help you get creative and create memorable, affordable wedding food.

If you know any friendly local businesses that would be prepared to make you a great deal, go for it!


5. Don’t Get Ripped Off On Decorations

When selecting a venue take into consideration how much décor would be needed as this is often an added expense.

Also consider making your own decorations, finding them second hand, or using fake flowers. There are so many ways to save a little cash here and there that you’re sure to find something you’re happy with.

6. Think About The Extras

Music and photography are important and but creating your own playlist can often be more fitting and personal than hiring an expensive DJ and making your own photo booth in which guests can use their phone cameras and dress up with oversized hats and sunglasses can be great fun.

7. Meet The Vendors

One sure way to bag yourself a bargain is to purchase services and products at exhibitions and bridal fairs. Not only do you get the chance to look for new ideas and meet the people you are doing business with but you often find there are great deals to be had if you lay your deposit down there and then.

Why not check out the The North-West Brides & Ulster Herald Bridal Fair taking place on Sunday January 22 at the Omagh Leisure Complex. For more information log onto www.ulsterherald.com/bridal-fair-save-the-date

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press