7 Ways to Have a Fabulous Book-Themed Wedding

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It’s to be expected that most people want to incorporate the personalities of the Bride and Groom in their wedding day, whether that’s through the table settings, the cake, or even the music selection.

In terms of hobbies and interests, bookworms are often a special kind of dedicated, weaving their love for literature into their everyday lives in many ways. So, if you can tell your Blyton from your Baldacci, and your Rowling from your Rankin, this is the guide for you:

1. Library or Literary Themed Invites

If you want to set the tone from the get-go, capture your guests’ imagination with a library card style invitation, or opt for something that incorporates some of your favourite romantic quotes from literature. If you want to keep the theme a complete surprise, go for a more traditional invite and ramp up the book-love later.

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2. A Bookish Bouquet

Brides often press and keep their floral bouquets as mementos of their big day – but what if your bouquet was already in perfect keepsake form? From a bookish bouquet, to bookish buttonholes, and centrepieces, get your literary heart fluttering by surrounding your guests with your favourite pieces of literature.

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3. Favourites as Favours

Treat your guests to a copy of one of your favourite books as a wedding favour, with a hand-written inscription (new and second hand work equally as well!). You could take the time to choose a book for them specifically, or set-up a mini library space where guests can browse and pick a keepsake to take home and treasure forever.

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4. Bookish Table Names and Bookmark Place Cards

Name the tables after your favourite authors, love stories, or literary couples – a sure way to catch the eye of your guests, and coordinate with customised place cards that can be used as bookmarks, that also have a quote from the author or text the table has been named after.

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5. Book-themed Decorations

From book-inspired garlands, streamers, and bunting, to strategically placed (and possibly even colour coordinated) stacks of books on tables, as well as framed quotes on display, there are loads of creative ways to incorporate your love for the written word, with your love for your other half, on your big day.

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6. Subtle Scents

If you want to include your love for reading without literally getting literary, try having book-themed candles on the tables. Etsy is a great resource for handmade book-inspired scents.

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Book-Themed Wedding

7. The Showstopper

Tell your own love story, or borrow the words from your favourite, to use as an aisle runner on your big day. Not only is it a unique decoration that is a wonderful focal point, but it will look stunning in photos too.

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By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press