7 Ways To Thank The Parents Of The Bride And Groom

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You can never thank your parents enough for all of the wonderful things they’ve done for you over the years, and your wedding is no exception.

This is your big day and your parents will have wanted to help make it perfect for you either through their time, money or support emotionally and with decision making. It’s important to thank your parents for their love and support not simply over the years, but on your big day.

Here are some ways to show them how much they mean to you on your wedding day.

1. Add a note about them in the wedding ceremony programme/reception menu

This one is simple and easy to do, and while it isn’t a big, bold gesture it is a small and simple way to show gratitude for their love and support. It can either be a part of the wedding ceremony programme in the form of an acknowledgement or as part of the printed wedding menus on the table as a way of introducing the reception and thanking those who have helped make this happen.

2. Write them a thank you note

When all the wedding festivities have settled down, a nice way of saying a heartfelt thank you is to write your parents a note. While you might have already thanked them in person, a nice surprise is to receive a handwritten (or computer written, if that’s your preference) note that conveys your appreciation and thoughts for what they’ve done for you.

While many brides and grooms like to give gifts to their parent before or during the wedding, writing a letter after the wedding is an additional way of expressing gratitude that they can save and treasure.

3. Help them out

Weddings and the planning of them is a chaotic time, people can easily lose track of planned tasks and let things they would otherwise do slide as they support you through your journey to marriage. A thoughtful way of saying thanks is to help tackle any unfinished projects they have, from a spot of gardening to clearing clutter, washing the car or windows – it’s a simple way of saying thanks and showing your appreciation.

4. Thank-You Tree

Feeling green fingered? A way of gifting a tangible gift that lasts and is also symbolic is by planting trees in both your parents and in-laws back yard. The tree will act as a time marker of when you married and grow and bloom across the years and represent the strength and growth of your love for each other. It’s not only symbolic of growth but an environmentally friendly gift.

5. Recreate one of their wedding photos

Before your wedding, during the planning stages, you will probably ask your parents about their wedding day and look through their photos. A lovely way of expressing your appreciation to your parents is to recreate one of their own wedding day photos, especially one that included your parents and their grandparents so that you can recreate the same image but with a new generation.

6. Family Dinner

Sometimes creating memories and experiences are better than a physical gift. Consider inviting your parents and in-laws for a family dinner that you host or out at a restaurant for the night. This can either be before or after the wedding, however, it is best to have the family dinner or night out after the day when you have less pressure with the organising. It is also a lovely way to spend time together as a family and with your extended family. At the meal/event you can express your thanks and appreciation for the roles they played at the wedding and in your lives in general.


7. Jewellery & Accessories

Sometimes a wearable gift is a lovely and practical way of showing gratitude that combines both style and sentiment. For the fathers of the bride and groom, personalised or engraved cufflinks or a watch are a stylish way of saying thanks that can be used again after the wedding day and will act as a memory aid for the wedding day. For the mothers of the bride and groom, a pendant using symbols of love and unity can be an interesting and symbolic way of showing the unity of two families, for example a stylish Celtic knot necklace. Some people like to embroider handkerchiefs with a thank you note, the date and the name of the couple as a simple token of appreciation.

By Felicity McKee, Excalibur Press