7 Ways To Effectively Integrate Children Into Your Wedding

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We love them, but let’s face it – bringing children to any formal event is always going to come with its challenging moments. Although (most of the time) children are the best blessings in the world, they always seem to choose the worst time to be hungry, irritated, sleepy or worse, extremely hyperactive.

Of course, at a wedding there are moments when it doesn’t matter if children are noisy, but there are also those special moments – like the moment you say, ‘I do’, or the moment the beautiful bride gets to walk down the aisle to her handsome new husband. It’s during these that you can really find yourself hoping and praying for some tolerant behaviour.

Most parents may generally be keen to stick to a good routine and healthy diet at home, however, when these situations arise you can easily find yourself being ready to pull out any one or all the stops to ensure that the day runs smoothly and uninterrupted.

Here are a few ideas for integrating little ones into your wedding day:

1. Digital Distraction

Resorting to digital distractions isn’t generally recommended, but on this occasion, it might just prove to be a Godsend if you’re all out of ideas. It’s almost scary how quickly it works, too! This can be used with the sound off or with earphones as a safe guard for when the vows are being spoken.

2. Colouring

Many restaurants and cafes already use this technique and that’s because for the most part, it works! It is definitely a good way to keep the hungry children preoccupied while waiting for their food to arrive. An idea might to be make it into a competition with the promise of prizes later on in the night – it’s a good incentive for the kids to put effort into their art work.

3. Hire a bouncy castle

For weddings held outside, a bouncy castle might prove to be a great idea as a way of tiring children out before the meal, and as an incentive to pay attention during the vows. This option will not work in all circumstances, though, and is very much weather-dependent.

4. Bring separate entertainment

Hiring someone who can perform a puppet show, play games with the kids, guide them into some group dancing or just keep them busy in another room while the adults cover speeches etc., is a great way to ensure a positive experience for everyone.


5. A private space for kids and babies

This is a suggestion to help parents with children of all ages. If they have a private space to feed and change their children, talk to them, calm any tears, and keep their extra belongings conveniently safe and close by, this can prove practical and convenient for parents attending the wedding.

By Claire Louise McBride, Excalibur Press