7 Ways to Ensure Your Colour Themed Wedding Stays Classy

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Thinking of dispensing with tradition and going for a colour themed wedding? With so many gorgeous colours, combinations and themes out there to choose from, then it’s certainly an option.

Now, we’re not talking just a coloured bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, cravats and table arrangements here. No-no, we’re talking about using colour in a much bigger way – from gowns and attire, to wedding cakes, décor, or anything else that might suit a colour injection in between.

But how do you pull such a wedding off while keeping it dead classy at the same time? As with any wedding there’s little doubt that getting the colour scheme right can make a difference between classy and just plain wrong, tacky even.

It might take a little hard work and effort but with a few basic rules and a lot of inspiration you can ensure that your colour themed wedding stays classy right down to the tiniest detail?


We’ve come up with these 7 tips to guide and inspire you:

1. Learn Some Basics

While you don’t have to be an expert, familiarising yourself with some basic rules is a good starting point. Using cooler colours with warmer tones or combining ones that are next to or close to each other on the colour wheel are pretty basic rules, however, even those will allow you to select the shades that you love while keeping your theme both tasteful and classy.

2. Decide Your Colour Pallet

Whether you want to go with some of your favourites, a particular theme, or perhaps take inspiration from one of the seasons, once you’ve chosen your main hues you can then think about the shades and tones that compliment them – again a colour wheel might be useful if you’re not certain.

3. Be Inspired By the Experts

There’s nothing wrong with flicking through design magazines and books – and they don’t necessarily have to be wedding specific. Colour is colour at the end of the day. Seeing how the experts make use of colour and put looks together can not only inspire you but also help to prevent you from getting it wrong – they can also show you how to break a few rules yet still pull off a great look.

4. Stay Focused

There’s a difference between using a particular colour theme and a complete mishmash. If you’re inspired by all things bold and exotic, for example, then stick to bold colour choices and complementary shades. Don’t go mixing in soft colours and pastels or vice versa.

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5. Consider Venue and Setting

It’s essential to consider your choice of venue, and its setting. Choosing a colour scheme that enhances the beauty of the setting will add to the beauty of both setting and your chosen theme. You will also need to take the venue’s decor into account. If you want to go for soft, natural-looking colours then bold or brightly coloured decor will most certainly overpower or clash with your theme – not a classy look at all. On the other hand, if your own theme is a tapestry of rich colours then you don’t want to risk it all being just a little too much on the eye.

6. Contrast and Break Up Colours

As much as you may love certain colours you don’t want to end of with an unimaginative block. Try using stronger ones with metallics for a classy, regal look, or breaking them up with neutrals for a more subtle contrast. If you are using soft romantic hues, then bringing in a tasteful measure of silver or an accent colour can help break it up and enhance the overall look.

7. Less is More

You don’t have to use the whole rainbow. Choosing two or three well-coordinated colours, including one or two neutrals, can be a very classy choice indeed.

By Linda Browne, Excalibur Press