7 Ways to Make Your Big Day Eco Friendly

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You are planning your wedding but want to be more environmentally conscious in your decisions. It’s all about the choices you make, so here’s some small changes you can make it to make your day eco-friendly.

Ditch Plastic Straws

Many venues have now taken the decision to stop using single use plastic straws and instead opt for paper ones. This is a small change you can make which will make your wedding that little bit eco-friendlier. Plus, you can also get really nice designs in paper straws from stripes to bright colours to make your theme, so it’s a win win.

Donate To An Environmental Charity

It’s becoming more popular to donate to a charity rather than give wedding favours on tables. You could donate money to a charity which is helping the environment. It will also save the throw away packaging which is often used in favours. You can write on the place cards that you have donated the money instead of favours, to inform your guests.

Use E-Invites

Online wedding invitations are becoming ever more popular and provide an easy way to collect your numbers. Using e-invites is also a great way to help the environment as it reduces the amount of materials being used. Even if you prefer traditional invites, opt for a paper that can easily be recycled and include a message to let your guests know to recycle it.

Choose a Vintage Dress

If you are conscious about buying a dress that you will only wear once consider looking in vintage shops and pre loved sales for your dream gown. You will find some gorgeous styles. Once you have worn the dress also think about giving back and donating it to charity so that others can do the same.

Go Vegetarian

A plant based wedding meal can reduce your environmental impact massively and lead to less waste. Consider it for your big day or even use a local catering company who can tell you about the sources of their produce.

Shop Local For Flowers

For your floral arrangements on the day it’s best to shop local and seasonal. Ask your florist what is in season and go for that. This way it reduces the transport needed to source them. Or even ditch cut flowers all together and opt for potted plants and home-grown herbs for a completely sustainable day.

DIY Your Décor

To decorate the room use things you already have or might reuse. Borrow things off family and friends to cut down on waste. Or even consider hiring your décor from a rental company.