7 Ways Your Wedding Cake Can Go Wrong

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It is no surprise when we add up the cost of our wedding plans that the expenses come to a considerable amount. Even when we attempt to make cutbacks on things like flowers, place settings or table décor, we quite often end up using services that would not have been our first choice if money had not been a consideration.

Deciding on the wedding cake supplier remains one of the primary cutback areas for many. Although people want to fulfil plans for their dream cake, they are often willing to leave this in the hands of neighbours, friends, family members, and people who may not be qualified to come up with the desired results.

To avoid any wedding cake calamities, here are 7 examples of cake failures you should try to avoid:

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1. Allergies
Picture this, one of your young guests has a severe nut allergy and unknowingly picks up a piece of cake containing sugar paste made of almonds. Normally such an individual would have an EpiPen, however if not, you get the gist…It is wise to do your research to make sure no one has any allergies.

2. Overcooked fruit cake
Not only does overcooked cake taste bad, but it could probably break your jaw with its solid form if you even manage to somehow hack it into a slice.

3. Damage occurring during transit
Many things can go wrong when travelling with a cake, from heat sources melting the icing to bumpy roads and sharp turns leaving you in a sticky situation. It’s always better to have the cake delivered the night before, at a time when traffic isn’t too busy so that any damage caused is the responsibility of the venue from there on. This additionally will allow some time to not only assemble the cake but carry out any repairs necessary.

4. Cake sinking/ collapsing
The use of cake dowels to support each tier, play a vital part in presentation, preventing the cake from sitting crooked or collapsing into itself.

5. Cracks in icing
Professionals will know already that to prevent cracks in icing, glycerine is required to keep it moist. Another little tip that might help; lemon juice helps to prevent discoloration and keeps icing white.

6. Characters resemble the bride and her ex (not her and her groom)
It’s a good idea to have had a peek at the cake toppers before the wedding day commences. Nobody wants that distant relative being misled into mixing up your ex with your groom in conversation.

7. Knife cannot penetrate the royal icing
Using the correct measurements when making up royal icing is essential to preventing hard times like this. If this does occur, just pray you didn’t order that overcooked fruit cake or there’s no hope.

Believe it or not, these are all real problems that have occurred and have caused major upset to brides all over the world on their big day. So, if you’re hoping to reduce costs when planning your wedding cake, be prepared to have a light-hearted approach and laugh off any mishaps. Regardless, hopefully your wedding plans are a piece of cake!

By Katie Turner, Excalibur Press