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7 Wedding Cake Trends To Consider

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Looking for an alternative to a classic white three tier but aren’t sure what to go for? Look no further as here’s 7 new wedding cake trends to consider:

Rustic and Unfinished

Unfinished and almost messy looking cakes have become very popular over recent years. They are often decorated with flowers in the wedding colours and feature thinly spread and uneven icing. If you are opting for a rustic style wedding these cakes will look amazing. Usually they sit on top of a wooden slab to add to the woodland look.


An unusual choice but one that many young people are now opting for is a cake made of multiple wheels of cheese on top of each other. Each layer can then be cut and served with crackers and chutney to provide your guests with a delicious alternative to traditional cake. For cheese lovers out there this is a great option to go for.

Textured Icing

Textured Icing has become popular for a slick and classy style look. Look for pictures online and discuss with your baker the options. Textured icing is a great way to add flair to a simple cake and looks very effective.

Gold Details

Gold detailing on cakes is extremely on trend right now and looks classic and regal. Whether you opt for metallic gold icing or gold leaf foiling, your cake will certainly stand out. Gold detailing gives a rich look to any simple cake and is a great way to add colour to a black and white style wedding.

Single Tier

Some couples are opting for a paired back look with a single tier wedding cake. For smaller weddings they are perfect and reduce the amount of waste. A single tier cake decorated beautifully can be just as impactful as a larger cake.

Unconventional Shapes

Wedding cakes don’t always have to be round, geometric shapes are becoming more and more popular for weddings and square cakes gave a chic and elegant look. If you aren’t a fan of the traditional three tier this could be an option for you. You could even think about different shapes for each tier for a quirky look.


A marble design painted on the outside of your cake can look beautiful, if you are opting for a classic white cake but want to add a modern twist this could be it. Marble has become hugely popular and wedding cakes are no exception to this trend.