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By our resident blogger Vanessa Pope

All of a sudden, or at least it seems to me, Christmas is upon us. If you’re anywhere near as organised as me you’ll have your presents entirely unwrapped and unbought, still hiding on the shelves in unknown shops. It’s not easy leaving everything until the last minute it takes real skill and determination.

So, while most people might be spending their evenings browsing the net for gifts for their nearest and dearest, I’m spending mine browsing for the best gift of all, my honeymoon for myself. Oh and Mr Brady too if he can make it.

A lot of brides and indeed grooms I’ve spoken to have said they actively looked forward to the honeymoon a lot more than the actual wedding. As a naive girlfriend, I might have found this a little bewildering. Isn’t the wedding day itself what it’s all about? What comes after is just a glorified holiday, surely? No, no, and again with the no. As a fiancée, my ideas have evolved as my stress levels have slowly increased.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for the wedding. I’m as excited as kid at Christmas about the whole shooting shebang of it. I get to have my hair, makeup and nails done, stick on a fab dress and go to mass. What’s not to love? Of course I can’t wait for the big day. Pledging my eternal love to my best friend who happens to look rather stunning in a suit – not too shabby for Nessa!

That being said, it’s taking a hell of a lot of organisation to pull the thing together – and that’s with the help of our wonderful wedding planner, Sonya. How brides do it alone, I can’t imagine. The day will be hugely fun, of that I’ve no doubt but it will also be busy. We’ll have a schedule to stick to and undoubtedly fall behind on after the first half hour. I’ll have to spend an entire day, not spilling food or drink on myself. These are all tall orders when one is as clumsy as me. Additionally, we’ll have to pose for many, many photos every one of which I’m sure will end up with me looking a little like this.

Bride-Face-Funny-FaceOf course I realise I’m speaking as a “pre-bride” and it could very well be very different come the day. Perhaps I’ll glide through the whole thing stress free without a glance at a watch and with the kind of effortless radiance that’s usually only reserved for Kate out of ‘Kate and William’. Then I’ll wake up and my head will be in my wedding cake.

From this side of things, the honeymoon appeal is ahead by a whisker. Days and days spent with nothing to do except lie around and congratulate each other on managing to fool everyone into thinking we’re actually adults. Bravo, Mr Brady I’ll say. Oh no, bravo to you, Mrs….well, he’ll feel the same I’m sure.

So now, the question is where do we go? We’ve got a certain head start on things, given we’ll already be in Spain, so we could go on from there to somewhere or anywhere. One of the advantages of having spent the last seven years together is that we’ve had a fair bit of joint holidaying experience. We know what we don’t like (museums, walking, rain, learning stuff) and what we really do like (rollercoasters, sitting, sunshine, increasing our BMIs) A few obvious destinations spring to mind immediately – without giving too much away, let’s just say we’re unlikely to be spotted making our way to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We went there once and it was…fun, damp windy fun but fun. No, if you think of us on holiday and I don’t know why you would you weirdo, but if you really have to, think of two big puppies running into a brightly coloured ball pool – with cocktails.

As with most things, the shopping is half the fun, especially with an entire alphabet of storms visiting every other day. Desmond, have you nothing to say for yourself? As with everything, typing the word “honeymoon” into Pinterest is a good way to see an evening go by in the blink of an eye. Throw in a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie and you’ve got Christmas. Doh! Better get on that present shopping!

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