8 Fabulous Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained at Your Wedding

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You’ve tied the knot and the guests have cheered and showered you with confetti. They’re off to the reception for pre-wedding breakfast drinks while you and your beau have your wedding photographs taken.

The longer you take, the more restless your guests could get — and you don’t want them going back and telling everyone what a boring day they had — so here are a few suggestions to keep them entertained while you get those magical wedding shots.

1.     Hire a magician

Everyone loves a bit of magic. People won’t be able to resist trying to figure out how the magician pulls off their different tricks. Hire a magician and let them mesmerise your guests with mind reading and other cool tricks.

2.     Rent a photo booth

Photo booths are all the rage now at events and it just wouldn’t be a wedding without one. Your guests will like nothing more than popping on funny wigs and posing with silly props. The photos will also give them nice mementos of the day.

3.     Get in some toys

It’s a rare wedding where there aren’t any children present, so why not get in a special box of toys for them? Kids can play to their hearts’ content while you socialise. The company providing the toy box might have even thought of toys you haven’t.

4.     Have a casino table

Let your guests enjoy some risk-free gambling with a casino table. They don’t have to return from the wedding broke. These tables are just for fun and will allow your guests to experience the thrills of a real casino game without betting real money on the games.

5.     Invite a caricaturist

Let your guests have a laugh at themselves and hire a caricaturist for the day. The artist will be able to whip up some amusing portraits while everyone waits to be seated.

6.     Set up a chillout lounge

Not all guests will want to stand around and chat. Create a comfy chillout lounge or spot where they can sit down, play games and then get back to the day.

7.     Organise some archery

Hire some archery facilities and watch your guests get into the competitive spirit while having fun at the same time. They might even go head to head, table to table, after the wedding breakfast if they’re feeling that competitive.

8.     Get in a bouncy castle

Kids — and maybe the adults as well — will find a bouncy castle hard to resist. Bouncy castles work terrifically at summer weddings and the guests will hardly notice the time go by while you’re getting those romantic wedding shots taken.

These are all fantastic ways to ensure there’s never a dull moment during your wedding day. If you’re concerned your guests may grow a little restless, you can also organise an evening of drinks or another event in the run-up to the wedding so that they all have the chance to get to know each other. Then when the day arrives, they’ll already be familiar with each other and get on like a house on fire.

By Peter Jenkins