8 Fitness Tips For Brides: Toning up Before the Big Day

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Every bride-to-be wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. A slim and beautifully toned body is surely a goal for all brides-to-be. However, setting out and achieving such perfection isn’t always easy. With so much to do and organize for the big day it can be difficult to prioritise. But don’t despair, with a clear set of goals and the right attitude looking truly amazing on your big day can be easier to achieve than you think.

These 8 fail-proof tips will not only leave you sculpted, toned and glowing – not to mention the envy of every other female guest – but they will also keep you motivated from start to finish!

1. Set Your Goal

The first thing you need to do is decide exactly what it is you want to achieve and the time-frame you are working with. Whether it’s excess weight you want to lose, specific areas of your body that need toning or both, you need to set your goal from start to finish.

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2. Be Realistic

To avoid disappointment you need to be realistic. Don’t set the bar so high that the likelihood of reaching it is minimal. There’s nothing wrong with challenging yourself but if you’ve never been a fan of exercise, or you’ve a lot of excess weight to shed, then don’t put yourself under further pressure by expecting the impossible.

3. Set Smaller goals In between

If you’re having a bad day, or your goal seems too distant, it’s all too easy to feel like you’ll never get there. Setting smaller milestones in between your starting point and end goal will not only help you to track and recognize your progress, but also break up the overall goal into manageable chunks.

4. The Exercise Plan

If you want to be honed and toned then an exercise plan is a must. A combination of regular cardio, strength and flexibility exercises will work perfectly. Try running, swimming or brisk walking for cardio. For strength do circuits such as push-ups, squats, lunges, and abdominal crunches for a to-die-for flat stomach. For flexibility – don’t forget to warm up first to prevent injury – try stretches, or even yoga which is excellent for body flexibility and muscle toning. If you don’t fancy joining a gym then there are plenty of multi-function machines you can buy to use at home. Most importantly, find something you enjoy. That way you’re far more likely to keep it up.

5. Employ a Personal Trainer

If you doubt your ability to keep your training going, or need some specific guidance, then it might just be worth paying a professional to keep you focused.

6. Sleep

It’s a proven fact that when we are tired we not only tend to eat more, but our bodies find it harder to burn fat. Getting adequate sleep will not only help you stick to your diet but will also prevent the temptation to skip the exercise, not to mention working wonders for skin rejuvenation.

7. Watch Your Diet and Stay Hydrated

Cutting out the main perpetrators such as sugar, snacks, fried food and alcohol will have an impact when it comes to losing weight – even avoiding wheat and gluten can make huge difference if you’re sensitive. Don’t be fooled by all the ‘low-fat’ labels in the supermarket, the majority are loaded with sugar and salt, which will only make your body hold on to fat more. Lean proteins, healthy fats and plenty of fruit and vegetables should be the basis of your diet. A clean diet and plenty of water will also leave you with glowing skin and healthy looking hair.

8. Don’t Give Up

Don’t we all get disheartened from time-to-time? Well here’s a little trick to help keep you going: Instead of looking despondently ahead, try looking at the progress you’ve already made. This is far more likely to inspire you to keep going.

Good Luck!

By Linda Browne, Excalibur Press