8 Songs To Get You In The Mood For Your Wedding

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It’s always time to get excited about your wedding and many of us do that by playing meaningful songs about the big day. Blasting them in the car works, as does dancing around your kitchen, but whatever option you’re going for, there are plenty of tracks out there, for fans of every genre.
Songs about weddings aren’t just for pop songs, although there are many great pop classics, there’s also folk, country and disco hits to mix it up.
Here are 8 songs to revamp your pre-wedding playlist…
1. Colbie Cailat – I Do
Upbeat and fun, I Do is a folk-pop song from 2011. With Colbie Cailat’s soft, lovable voice and her lyrics about falling in love, it’s bound to give you warm fuzzy feelings. She’s dreaming about saying her wedding vows to a feel-good beat.

2. Train – Marry Me
This 2009 soulful ballad is about the power of love. A man watches a waitress in a café and tries to work up the nerve to say hello to her by imagining their life together. Celebrating the passions of love with subtle guitars and emotion-filled vocals, Marry Me is a classic.

3. Bruno Mars – Marry You
Everyone knows of Bruno Mar’s Marry You, potentially one of his biggest hits. This happy tune with a building energy will have you dancing in no time.

4. Tony Moran – Say Yes
Disco and electro lovers won’t be able to resist this energetic wedding song. Tony Moran is all glitter and sparkles with his uplifting tracks and impressive voice.

5. Jagged Edge – Let’s Get Married
This 2006 R&B favourite is all about a man laying his heart down on the line. He loves a woman so deeply that he wants to marry her. Talking about the highs of love, what better way to kick back and think about your loved one?

6. Ben Rector – White Dress
White Dress sounds like it could have come straight from a musical, with happy keys and a sweet voice. Ben Rector’s 2010 song is a love story like no other, perfect for any bridge and groom.

7.     Clint Black and Lisa Hartman-Black – When I Said I Do
For fans of country music, husband and wife Clint and Lisa sing about lasting through it all, the highs and the lows. Discussing the strengths of love in this soulful ballad, When I Said I Do is powered with emotion. Check out the music video when they hold hands and look lovingly into one another’s eyes, it’s incredibly moving.

8.     Billy Idol – White Wedding
Although some people have argued over the meaning of White Wedding and claimed it might be anti-marriage, White Wedding is still ultimately a track about love and is widely played and weddings. It’s a classic rock track, with pulsing guitars and husky-spoken lyrics that is bound to get you pumped up for the big day.

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press

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