8 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Location

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Choosing the location for your wedding can be as important as choosing the bride’s dress. While you shouldn’t feel pressured to people-please when you are deciding where to hold your special day, you also need to take a few things into consideration.

NW Brides takes a look at some of the things you need to think about before you make that all important final decision:


1. Does it reflect you both as a couple?

There may be a place that is special to one of you that would be a perfect location for your wedding, however, it may not mean as much to your partner. Your wedding day is very much about both of you and, where possible, you should try to find a location that means something to you as a couple.

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2. Can it fit all your guests?

When choosing your location, bare in mind how many guests you have invited. If you are having an intimate wedding, a larger room will look very empty. Likewise, if you have invited everyone you know then you are going to have to find a venue that can accommodate them all.

3. Can they accommodate your entertainment?

If you have booked a band, make sure that your selected venue has an up-to-date music license. It’s also a good idea to check small venues and make sure there’s enough space to fit the band in. Ask the venue what back line they supply, some venues will supply you with someone to take care of the sound.

4. Is it accessible?

If you want to get married in the middle of a forest, make sure you and your guests can gain access to it without getting shoes, dresses and trousers ruined. If you’re determined to get married in the wilderness, you can get all kinds of temporary walkways to help your guests out, not to mention preventing the bottom of your wedding dress from getting covered in mud.


5. Is it within your price range?

It’s understandable that you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day and settling for second best is not an option you’d like to take, however, if you have set out your budget it’s important to stick to it. Spending extra pockets of cash here and there can build up. No one wants to bury themselves in debt for one day, even if it is your wedding day.


6. Is there catering available?

It’s always a good idea to ask about the catering available at your venue. If you have your heart set on a venue for your wedding but they don’t serve food, don’t panic. There are lots of great freelance caterers out there that can whip you up food, some people even opt for funky street food vans on their big day.


7. Do they have an alcohol license?

Unless you’re planning to have a dry wedding it’s important to ask the venue about their alcohol license. What time do they have to stop serving at? It’s also a good idea to ask about corkage if you want to bring any of your own wine or drinks on the day.

8. Can you decorate the venue?

Most venues are fine with room décor, however it’s still a good idea to ask. You may have to attach items to walls – some older venues don’t allow this as the buildings are listed. Run through your décor ideas with the venue beforehand to avoid any crossed wires or disappointments

By Jennifer Warnock, Excalibur Press