8 Top Tips To Delivering An Amazing Wedding Speech

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If you’ve been given the honour of delivering a wedding speech, you’re probably really excited about it, but also kind of nervous. Making it a meaningful, personal speech is important and the pressure is on.

If you’re feeling a little worried about delivering a wedding speech, there are loads of techniques you can practice to help.

Here are 8 top tips to help you perfect your speech…

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

Get started on your speech well in advance of the wedding to account for all of the procrastinating that will be inevitable. Perhaps don’t even start writing the speech straight away, just think about it, or improvise in private. That way you can collect the best bits and pieces to make a brilliant speech.

2. Be Personal

No Googling! The worst thing is when someone recognises a speech from another wedding or the internet. They will know that you didn’t personalise it and that could be quite upsetting and embarrassing. Even if it seems hard to get started, it’s always worth keeping those words your own. The bride and groom want to hear from you!

3. Include Some Jokes

If you’re nervous about speaking in front of a crowd then the best way to settle the atmosphere and help everyone to relax is to crack a few jokes. Keep them appropriate and potentially check them with some other guests in advance of the wedding to be sure. That way, you’ll feel that the room will be on your side and find it easier to deliver the rest of the speech.

4. Practice

In a private room on your own, in the car, or to you friends – the key thing to do is practice. Figure out which words you might stumble on and edit your speech as needed. You might find that some parts don’t work. This is the best way to make sure you are confident with what you have prepared and that will give you reassurance when the moment arrives.

5. Time It

Make sure it’s not too long or too short and keep it to the golden five minute rule. By doing so, it will engage, entertain and never drag.

6. Don’t Drink Too Much Before

Know your limits and stick to them. You want the wedding to be a memorable day but not because you were too smashed to deliver your speech. A drink for confidence is fair enough, but keep yourself in check.

7. Stick To The Point

Don’t be tempted to go off on a tangent during the speech. You planned it a certain way for a reason and this could make it really long. If you plan far enough ahead, you’ll already have thought of everything you want to say. Anything you think of when you’re slightly intoxicated and in front of a crowded room probably isn’t the best idea.

8. Smile

They say a smile lights up the room and it’s so true. If you relax you’re shoulders and smile then everyone else will too and the pressure will disappear. Don’t forget to enjoy this very special moment!

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