8 Top Wedding Make Up Tips From The Experts

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It’s the morning of your Wedding Day; the token glass of champers is in your hand ready to calm those last minute nerves, your hair has been primped to within an inch of its life (you now realise how Barbie felt in the care of your 6-year-old self), your dress is bigger than your Aunt Bertha’s blancmange and your makeup…well, you are preparing to be as dazzled by your makeup artist as the world was when Kylie Jenner picked up a makeup brush for the first time.


Sadly it’s not to be, because instead of the mirror saying “You are the fairest of them all, you will definitely be the Belle of the ball (or wedding, in this case)”, it’s saying: “My Queen, please don’t bawl, but I think you need to invest in a shawl” (or veil).

So, how do you prevent yourself from looking like Shrek when what you really want is to be Gwyneth Paltrow, and save the world and your makeup artist from any Bridezilla fits on your big day?

Here’s what you need to know:

skincare-1461395_960_7201. The Good, The Bad & The Flaky

Charles M. Schulz was right when he said: “Sometimes all we need is a little pampering to help us feel better”, and in the case of your face this could not be more true.

To prevent your makeup leaving you looking like a snake that has shed its skin, Louise McMaw from Simply Salon & Spa said: “The key is to cleanse, tone and moisturise. Regular facials are also a good investment to ensure that your big-day makeup looks more Rom Com than Horror movie worthy.”

2. Turning a Picasso into a Monet

If in doubt, get the portfolio out – the makeup artist’s, that is. It’s all very well using a Makeup Artist on the recommendation of a friend who has already been married, but bear in mind that in the case of wedding makeup, the one-size-fits-all policy does not apply.


Your friend may have killed the Rock Chick Smokey-Eye, but on you it could look like a pug with an eye infection.

Kirst McCormick of Simply Salon & Spa said: “Keep in mind that sometimes many MUA’s can be one trick ponies, so on asking to view some of their other work you are protecting yourself with the knowledge that they can give you the look you want, rather than that heart-sinking feeling of disappointment on your big day.”

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Pro Makeup Artists Aine Knocker and Amy Rachel Clarke from Studio A Beauty say: “Always make sure that you arrange a trial with the make up artist in question. This is important for your own piece of mind.giphymmm

“You both can suggest other looks and decide together what works best for you. When attending the trial it is also important to wear a white or pale coloured top (try and roughly match this to the actual tone of your dress).

“This way you can see how the makeup contrasts with the colour, helping you get a rough idea of how the makeup will fit with your actual dress on the big day – also meaning you will have less time to stress about looking a mess and more time to mingle with your guests.”

4. I Got 99 Problems, But A Makeup Artist Ain’t One

Become ‘at one’ with your makeup artist. Okay, so we aren’t talking Thelma & Louise best buddy escapades or a Beaches-style lifetime friendship, but it helps if you arrange to meet up with your makeup artist, not just on the trial but on a few other occasions before your wedding.


“It is a lot easier to be able to talk about what YOU want if you feel comfortable with a person, but if in doubt bear in mind that the fate of your wedding photos is in their hands.” The Beauty Emprorium’s Ruth Horgan said.

Remember the last wedding photos you saw and the bride was a scary shade of Oompa Loompa on the face, yet a frightening shade of Casper on the neck? You have been warned.

5. Something Old, Something New

Contrary to the poem, these lines are not applicable when it comes to your perfect wedding day makeup.

Ruth Horgan said: “Your big day should not be a day for experimentation, especially with makeup.”


Change is all well and good – look how many times Madonna reinvented herself – but not when you are standing at the end of the aisle and your husband to be lifts your veil to kiss you and doesn’t even recognise the woman in front of him.

If you are used to sultry eyes and a pale lips, don’t suddenly come over all Dita Von Tease and opt for pin up eyes and vampy lips.

6. The Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul

To get eyes that even Bambi would be proud of, ask your makeup artist to focus the darker eyeshadow tones at the outside corners of your eyes and work the lighter and brighter shades into the middle of the eyes.


“A nude or neutral shimmer tone is recommended for the centre of your eye. This will frame your eyes and make them look a lot larger and more open, perfect for your special ‘I do’ moment.

“Just make sure the MUA uses waterproof mascara when creating this look or you’ll end up more panda eyed than doe eyed” said Leigh Lyle-Toal from Makeup Academy NI.

7. Gimme Gimme Gimme

We aren’t talking about the spoilt Veruca Salt in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory here, we are talking about how to speak your mind about what you want.

bride-163539_960_720It’s your big day, not the MUA’s, so don’t be nervous about giving them ideas or pointing them in the right direction of what you want.

Aine K Pro Makeup Artist said: “Feel free to stop the makeup artist at any time if you aren’t happy with the look or spot anything that just doesn’t feel right for you.

“Remember the simplest slight of a makeup brush can change the whole look.”


8. If In Doubt, Pout It Out

bbWedding planning can be stressful at the best of times, but when you are standing at the altar, Kirsty McCormick advises you to remember the most important thing (well, apart from the rings): “Make sure that your chief bridesmaid has the responsibility of carrying your lippy.”

You never know when you are going to need a top up!

By Terri McClinton, Excalibur Press

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