8 Types Of Honeymoon To Suit Everyone

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When choosing where to go and what to do for your honeymoon, the options are endless. Depending on your budget, your interests as a couple, and how extravagant you want this special holiday to be, you can choose to go on the trip of a lifetime, or opt for something more relaxing with sun, sea, and sand.

While a honeymoon should be a bit more special than just your typical holiday, it’s entirely up to you as a couple to decide what you want to do. Here are eight of our favourite honeymoon getaways:

1. City Break
Whether you choose to go to Paris, London, or New York, a City Break offers ample opportunity for sight-seeing, culture, and entertainment. From art galleries, to museums, architecture, to shopping, and from fine dining, to big budget shows, find a city neither of you have been to before and get exploring!

2. Beach Holiday
If you love lounging by a pool, soaking up the sun, and fancy the ultimate in relaxation after the stress of planning for the wedding, then you can’t beat a beach holiday. Rather than just hitting your favourite coast of Spain, you might want to take the opportunity to make your honeymoon getaway that bit more special by going somewhere a little more luxurious such as Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean.

3. Action Adventure
Are you an adrenalin-junkie couple who hate the idea of lying around on a beach? Go for a honeymoon that is a once in a lifetime experience and bucket-list worthy, such as trekking, zip-lining a rainforest, or even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Adventure honeymoons make for amazing photo memories, and stories that will last a lifetime.

4. Theme Park
Do you have happy childhood memories from visiting your favourite theme parks? Or maybe you never had the chance to go as a kid, and you want to make up for it now. From Disneyland to Universal Studios, there’s loads to see and do in a theme park honeymoon that will keep you highly entertained. Both California and Florida are close to the beach and city, so if you want to take a day off from the rides and attractions, you can.

5. Old School Romance
Does a romantic getaway in Europe sound like your idea of heaven? With shorted flight times, you can enjoy candles, rose petals, and romantic strolls down cobbled streets without having to stray too far from home. France, Italy and Spain top the list of old world romance honeymoon destinations – find a charming town, rent a vintage convertible, and go explore.

6. Road Trip
Did you watch road trip movies as a teenager and feel envious of the wild adventures in the top-down car? Grab a map, plan your route, and get going! Perfect for spontaneous couples who want to take the trip as it comes, or for planners who want to travel Route 66, the US is the best place for a road trip honeymoon. Stay in one place if you really enjoy it, or hit the road to find your honeymoon bliss.

7. Boat Cruise
Enjoy a bit of everything on your honeymoon – with a wide range of foods, white sand beaches, historic sights, on-board entertainment, and time alone with your loved one. Cruise honeymoons are great for couples who like different degrees of activity – he can put his feet up and relax with a good book, while she can wake up early to join in the activities. A cruise in the Caribbean or Europe is a great option.

8. Ski Resort
Jet off together to the ski slopes and enjoy your evenings in a chalet. Choose from famous ski resorts such as Aspen, Colorado or Whistler, or if you’re really daring head to the Swiss Alps! After a long day skiing, cosy up in front of a roaring log fire, while drinking hot chocolate, and then relax in an outdoor hot tub while the snow gently falls around you.

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press