8 Useful Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs

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Weddings are expensive. Everyone knows that, but you don’t have to spend as much money as you might think to achieve the perfect wedding. Making the most of deals, being smart in your planning and choosing venues and services carefully can help you keep more of your cash in your pocket. Here are eight useful ways to lower your costs:

1.     Be flexible with your wedding date

The tradition tends to be for people to get married on a Saturday. This doesn’t have to be the case. Venues offer a range of different packages and you can save money if you get married on a different day or avoid peak times for weddings.

2.     Look around

Don’t just book the first venue you see or hire the first supplier you find. Get quotes for everything from the venue, to the catering, to the DJ, and then negotiate the price. Some might not be willing to come down on price, but they could be happy to throw in extras for no additional charge. If you find a venue you really like but which charges more, use the lower quotes as leverage to persuade them to lower the cost.

3.     Invite only your nearest and dearest

If costs are an issue, you don’t have to invite all and sundry necessarily. You can just invite the people who are closest to you and if you wish to avoid causing offence, invite everyone else to the evening celebration.

4.     Hold the ceremony and reception in the same place

Save money on transport for yourself and your guests to and from the reception by holding everything in the same place. Everyone can transfer to the necessary parts of the venue throughout the day quickly, which will save time and allow you to enjoy the day more easily.

5.     Choose a pretty venue

Naturally, you want somewhere beautiful and memorable to celebrate your wedding, but the more beautiful the better because you won’t have to decorate it as much. That means saving money on decorations.

6.     Hire beauty students to do your hair and makeup

Contact a local beauty school and ask if they offer a service for brides and bridesmaids. They can provide makeup artists and hairdressers at a much lower cost. Just let a student practise on you well before the wedding to see if you would be happy with the work.

7.     Mix your flowers

You don’t have to purchase loads of expensive flowers. Simply buy some tall, expensive arrangements with cheaper ones and then mix and match them. You’ll save a considerable amount. You could also bulk up flower arrangements with foliage instead of spending loads on actual flowers themselves.

8.     Organise your own catering

Of course, venues will offer their own catering service, but you can save money by hiring in caterers for the day. Choose a venue that allows you to do this.

Your wedding day doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think it will be, especially if you know how to cut the costs. Follow these suggestions and you can hold on to more of your money for that fabulous honeymoon you’ve got planned.

By Peter Jenkins