8 Ways To Incorporate Your Guests In Your Wedding Day

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Wedding guests are what makes a wedding a celebration – while it is ultimately your day to enjoy with your future spouse, your wedding guests are an important part of what makes the ritual so special. So how can you incorporate them into the day and ensure that your create fantastic memories together?

Here are 8 inspiring ways to include your guests in your nuptials:

Ring-Warming Ceremony

A ring warming is a lovely way to involve your guests; during a ring warming ceremony the guests send their intentions, and positive blessings into the rings. It isn’t for everyone, but it can be a meaningful way for attendees to be a part of your day. It is important to get the timing right if you want to do a ring warming ceremony as it can be time consuming to pass them around a large audience and easy to lose track of them. The best way to have a ring warming ceremony is to have them in one public location, watched on by a member of the groom’s party prior to the ceremony and guests can warm them as they enter.

Build The Bouquet

This is the ultimate DIY wedding bouquet, where your guests enter the ceremony venue and each is given a flower to add to the wedding bouquet, or each guest can bring a flower of their choice. This will allow you to greet everyone as they arrive – this isn’t for every bride however, as some want to be the last to arrive at the venue.


Livestream The Ceremony

Not every guest will be able to make it due to health or travel reasons, so consider setting up a live stream of your ceremony, though some venues already have a live stream available and you can send the link to those who can’t attend ahead of the day. Your videographer can help you set it up if the venue doesn’t have this feature.

Create A Wedding Hashtag

Use a wedding hashtag to get your guests involved on your big day. Ensure they are aware of your wedding #hashtag and encourage them to post photos, videos and comments about the wedding on social media. This allows those unable to attend to follow the hashtag and feel like they are involved and celebrating with you.

Wishing Stones

Wishing Stones are similar to a ring warming ceremony – each guest is given a stone to hold during the wedding vows and told to reflect on their wishes, thoughts and intentions for the couple. After the ceremony the stones are collected up and they can be displayed in your home as a reminder of your big day and the positivity and well wishes of your friends and family.

Include Special Or All Guests In The Wedding Processional

You might be planning to include your family, wedding party or the entire guest list in your wedding processional. However, as it is your big day you can give anyone a special walk of their own. If there are a lot of children at the wedding, they could have their own special entrance to the wedding.

Ask For Their Wisdom And Thoughts

Much like with a guest book, this is another way of involving the guests and getting anecdotes and thoughts gathered. When guests are RSVP-ing to your invitation, invite them to write on the back of it a few anecdotes, thoughts about marriage or well wishes for you as a couple. Once you have the responses back, you can use them to inspire stories for the wedding parties speeches, or select a few particularly touching ones to display at the wedding and reception so that other guests can browse through them. You can also have pen and paper nearby in case they want to add another one to the collection and these are a wonderful keepsake for after the wedding.

Light Unity Candles

A unity ceremony is a very picturesque event that involves every single wedding guest. Upon entry to the wedding venue every guest is given a candle (a taper candle is best). At a predetermined time, a single guests candle is lit and this is then used to pass the flame around the room until everyone has a candle lit. Not only does this create an ambient atmosphere and a wonderful visual for photographs, but it also allows everyone to feel involved in the ceremony.

By Felicity McKee, Excalibur Press