8 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Authentic In 2019

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It’s undeniable that we live in a culture that places a lot of value on consumerism, status, and material possessions. Despite our many advances, we’ve lost a lot in terms of integrity, values and spiritual connection to our world and one another. This extends not only to our day to day living, but also to our social activities and traditions, including weddings. It’s not all bad, though! We always have the potential to be authentic in whatever we do, and there are a number of benefits to keeping this in mind when planning your wedding.

Here are 8 ways to keep your wedding authentic in 2019:

1. Remember why you’re getting married

Marriage is, ultimately, about marking the love and commitment between two people. During the inevitable busyness of wedding planning, always keep the reason for it all at the back of your mind. This will help you to not get too wound up, and enjoy the process rather than stress about it.

2. Don’t bow to financial pressure

There is a lot of pressure to spend huge amounts of money on the beautiful venue, the perfect dress, transport, favours, and entertainment at your wedding. Remember that, while this is an event for all your loved ones to join in on, it’s still your own expression of you as a couple. Try not to bow to the pressure of having the best or most expensive things when it comes to planning the details.

3. Don’t people please

Whether it’s coming from friends, family members or simply society in general, don’t go out of your way to please others at the expensive of your own feelings. This includes inviting those who you don’t wish to attend but feel you have to, choosing a colour scheme based on someone else’s opinion, or paying for a free bar when you’re budget could be better spent elsewhere.


4. Respect your values

What’s important to you when it comes to celebrating your marriage? Community, connection and love are what we all value deep down, so keep this in mind when putting your wedding plans together. This might mean banning phones from the ceremony so people communicate with each other more, encouraging others to write down their thoughts about the day and leave them in a jar, or engaging them in group activities like games and quizzes. You could also take the time to personally connect with each guest, time permitting, and thank them individually for sharing the day with you.

5. Don’t get caught up in what you should do

There are countless shoulds and should nots when it comes to getting married, but in reality the only expectations you need to be aware of are your own. Check that you’re not hiring that big castle because you want your guests to be impressed, or inviting hundreds of people when you’d rather just have close friends and family. Likewise, there are no rules to say you must wear white, that your wedding must be held in the day time, or that you have to follow a traditional wedding day schedule.

6. Quality over quantity

Try to keep your plans personal, well thought-out, and as simple as possible. This helps you focus and keeps integrity in the planning. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to things like the cake, the dress or the venue, and excess food, decor or accessories don’t always add to the atmosphere of the day. Have a sit down with your partner and think about the things you need and those you could do without. Often, less is more.

7. Be honest about how you want to express yourself

How does your wedding day express who you are as individuals and as a couple? What makes your love unique? If you have a special idea for the wedding, such as a crazy theme or unusual wedding entertainment, don’t be afraid to go for it regardless of whether it conforms to tradition or not.

8. Let the small stuff go

The stress of planning an important event can easily bring out some of our more difficult traits! In your planning, try to let the small stuff go. Even the big stuff can be overcome, and getting into a huge stress about making everything perfect is only going to take away from the real meaning of the day. Make sure you enjoy each part by sharing your emotions with others, laugh a lot, and stay true to who you are.