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8 Ways To Wear Long Hair For Your Wedding

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Traditionally, Brides have worn their hair in an up-do for their wedding day, but today there are many different ways Brides can style their hair to complement their dresses, the season, and to inject a touch of personal style into their look.

Here are eight of our favourite ways to style long hair for your wedding day:

  1. Side Swept Curls

For an effortlessly elegant look, put your hair in a deep side parting and curl it into loose waves, securing it to one side. A sparkly, floral, or seasonal head piece can be added to the swept side for extra glamour. This is a great style for cooler seasons, as having long hair around your face in the height of summer may make you too warm.

  1. Big and Bouncy

Go Hollywood glam by curling your hair and adding plenty of volume. You can choose to do a part-up part-down do for extra height, or you could have a small section clipped up to keep your hair off your face while still enjoying a gorgeous down do.


  1. Princess Waves

Wear your hair in a sleek centre-parting and have a loose curly blow-dry to create smooth, gentle waves. Complete the look with a dainty floral or crystal headband for the ultimate princess look.

  1. Sophisticated Ponytail

If you want to wear your hair up, but a traditional up-do is too formal for you, try a side-swept and low ponytail that is dressed up with curls, intricate twists, rosettes, or detailed sections, to add height and dimension.

  1. Half-Up

If you feel self-conscious with your hair up, but want to lift the crown section away from your face, a half-up do is a great compromise. Create volume at the crown, get some texture at the back, and create a intricate look by gathering multiple sections back, similar to a French plait that flows into curled tresses at the half-way point.

  1. Low Bun Up-Do

If you don’t want a traditional chignon up-do, try a low bun style that can be dressed up with a head piece, or kept simple with romantically loose wisps and curls.

  1. Structured French Twist

A more architectural style, such as a French twist, is a striking yet simple look. This looks great with a more classic dress, and can be modernised with height at the crown.

  1. Fishtail Braids

These styles don’t take a huge amount of effort, but look great. Keep some curls or waves loose around your face, add some volume at the crown, and the looser the style the more elegant and carefree it will look.  

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press