9 Alternative Ideas For A Great Guest Book

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Many couples love the idea of a Guest Book at their wedding. It has understandably become a popular addition to a wedding reception – who wouldn’t want a keepsake to look back on for years to come, filled with happy memories and well-wishes from their nearest and dearest?

However, like most sentimental items, at worst it will eventually be stored in the back of a wardrobe or cupboard only to be viewed once every five years, and at best it may be given space on your bookcase among the best-selling paperbacks of the day.

That’s why we think fun and personal alternatives make the best Guest Books, check out some of our favourites:

1. One for the Rockers

When Andrea and Robert got married, they decided to give their “Guest Book” a seriously personal touch: “I’m not very traditional, and couldn’t imagine myself getting a guest book out of the bottom drawer to read all of the cute messages.

I’m more the kind of girl who would forget that it’s even there! For this reason, I opted for something different, and something we could both appreciate.

I love quirky pieces of décor for the home, and my husband is a guitarist, so after our wedding we mounted the guitar on our living room wall. It was a lovely way of including my Husband on our wedding day, and all of our guests loved being able to sign a guitar. Who doesn’t love a bit of rock n roll in their lifestyle?!”

Guest Book

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2. For those filled with Wanderlust

Perfect for couples who love to travel, or who met while globe-trotting, a chalkboard painted globe will work as a fantastic Guest Book, and make a great featured piece in the home after the big day.


3. If you indulge in a little tipple…

Use metallic permanent markers on dark-tinted wine bottles, and have your guests sign them, to be opened on each milestone anniversary you have in the future. Once opened, the bottles can be kept as a decorative piece, and if you have a large wedding party… Well, you could have one bottle to open each year!


4. Strike a pose

Photobooths have become a popular feature at weddings and events, but why not use the photos to create a scrapbook, or a framed photo montage? Emma had a photobooth at her wedding and said: “We went for a photobooth as it’s funny seeing people dressed up alongside their comments, and as it’s brought out in the evening, it’s something entertaining for the guests to do.”


5. If you appreciate some wall art

Reminiscent of Connect4, wooden shapes of your choice are signed by guests and then dropped in to a coloured shadowbox, to be permanently displayed behind a pane of glass. This can be customised to suit a wide range of themes and colour schemes, so there’s something for everyone.


6. For all the music lovers

If you and your other half bonded over your love for music, or met at a gig, getting guests to autograph vinyl to later frame or display, is a great, vintage-inspired nod to the traditional guest book.


7. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas is a time for friends and family, and always invokes nostalgic memories. Buy bauble ornaments in muted tones, and get guests to sign them in permanent marker. Every year you can decorate your tree with thoughts and notes from your loved ones (or just the ones that look really good, we won’t tell!).


8. Date Night inspiration

“We had a date night jar as we assumed our guests would come up with some great suggestions. We have done a few of them since the wedding, including walking Cave Hill. We didn’t realise until after that the reason I was so tired and hungry was because I was in the early stages of pregnancy! So the Date Night Jar was put on hold! Our next Date Night is a picnic in the Mournes. It’s exciting to see what ideas come out of the jar, and it continues long after the wedding is over.”


9. When you fit together like a puzzle

Are you the kind of couple who enjoy board games and puzzles? Get your guests to sign a board game, puzzle pieces, or even a Jenga, that can later be put on display (brownie points if it’s taken out and used!).

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press