9 Popular Songs To Walk Up The Aisle To On Your Wedding Day

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Walking up the aisle is an experience that nearly every woman has dreamt about all her life. After all, everyone wants that fairy-tale happily ever after!

But making that dream become a reality, is an entirely different story and takes a lot of planning.

One of the tough decisions that must be made during this planning time, is what song you will choose to walk down the aisle to.

Here are 9 beautiful ballads to help you decide:

1. Mendelssohn’s Wedding March

If you are going for a traditional wedding then this is the perfect piece for you. Written specifically for walking up the aisle, you can’t go wrong with this one!

2. Pachelbel’s Cannon

If you want your wedding ceremony to seemingly have come right out of a romance movie then look no further! This classic traditional song is exactly what you need.

3. Ed Sheeran – Perfect (Wedding Version) featuring Pachelbel’s Canon

If Pachelbel’s cannon wasn’t already perfect enough for weddings, throwing some Ed Sheeran into the mix most definitely helps attain that romantic feel that all wedding songs strive for!

4. Just The Way You Are

For a more modern take on your wedding, this song is spectacular and can be tailored to fit your entrance to the aisle perfectly as seen in this cover! Additionally, it’s originally a love song and so adds a little more emotion to the moment.

5. I See The Light

With this song, you really can achieve that sought after fairy-tale wedding! This song has been quite popular for featuring in weddings following the release of Tangled in 2011 and is perfect for any Disney fans out there!

6. A Thousand Years

The beauty of this song is hard to ignore, and when played on a harp it is the perfect addition to any wedding ceremony!

7. Feel My Love

This is yet another contemporary song that can be tailored to fit this unforgettable moment in your life and it is simply phenomenal!

8. Love Me Tender

Any true romantic will appreciate this gorgeous classic and once again, when played on a harp it is just as beautiful as ever for your wedding processional!

9. Tale As Old As Time

An aspect that is often overlooked by many when planning this special part of a wedding, is that guitar pieces can also be used to walk down the aisle to. Though it is not traditional, when executed properly, it can really accentuate the beauty of the moment!

At the end of the day, everyone’s love story is unique and your wedding day is an intimate event between you and your partner.

No matter what song you walk up the aisle to, your decision is one that you will make because it suits your relationship and individual story. Just choose what feels right.

By Katie Turner, Excalibur Press