A Bride in Black Lipstick?

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Lime Crime Velvetine in Black Velvet

We know this is a daunting idea but hear us out. Black lipstick is making a reappearance. It had a brief daliance last year but thanks to some edgier beauty bloggers in the world of tinternet, it seems as though bold lips are here to stay.

Although black lips may seem a bit 90s goth to you, you can rock it without looking like Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Despite the widely spread idea that wearing black lipstick will give your teeth a yellow tinge, you couldn’t be more wrong. Black lips are the LBD of makeup, universally flattering, always stylish and it literally goes with everything…if you get it right.

We will be the first to admit that if black lipstick is applied messily or is of poor quality, you will end up with a flaky smudgy non-opaque mess, that will make you look like you’ve been chewing charcoal.

“But surely not on you Wedding Day?” you cry. Well, why not? If you like to wear black lipstick and you feel confident in it then why not on your wedding day make a statement and go with a black lip? It will contrast fantastically with the light colour of your dress, and will definitely be something a bit different.

However, we must insist, go for something with super staying power, or you run the risk of your poor groom looking like he’s washed his face with coal.

See our recommendations for this daring look in the gallery below.