A Guide to Dresses – Necklines

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There are so many factors to consider when choosing your wedding dress, not only to you have to decide on the silhouette you want, you also need to decide on the style of neckline your dress will have.

Your neckline will determine the accessories you will be wearing, whether it calls for a statement necklace or something more demure and subtle.  Some necklines are simply enough, especially if they have their own embellishments.

So, you see,  the neckline of your wedding gown can have huge implications on not only your accessories but also your underwear!

When selecting your neckline, make sure it suits your face and body shape, for instance;

V-Neck – is better suited to those who have broad shoulders, thick torsos, or short necks.

Square – this is good for women with a big bust, firm necks and great skin

Scoop – these can be worn by almost every silhouette.  A wide or large scooped neckline tends to flatter women with narrow shoulders since it makes the shoulders appear wider.  As for bustier ladies or those with broad shoulders,  a smaller scoop will disguise their large bust area.

Sweetheart – this works well in accentuating cleavage and perfect for large busted ladies.  It visually elongates the face and provides proportional balance to the overall silhouette.

Strapless – tends to be most flattering on women who have wider shoulders and a small bust line

To help with your decisions and perhaps inspire you, we’ve posted this useful graphical guide on all the different types of necklines.