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Every bride wants all eyes on her, and why shouldn’t she!

Not many wedding guests take notice of the brides hair. It’s always about ‘the dress’!  When you’re standing at the end of the aisle and with your back facing them taking your wedding vows, there’s not much to see.

Isn’t it time to change this?

Give them something to talk about, give them the full package, statement your hair as well as the dress and the headpiece.

IMG_20160407_143253Get people talking, not just about your head piece, but about your hair

Why not try Flowers, Pearls, Crystals on Wire, Butterflies, Doves etc. There’s lots of ideas out there, that you probably see in front of you everyday. I find craft shops, vintage markets or second hand shops are the best, that’s where I always go and find that something special.  Even a walk round your garden at different times during the year can present different opportunities for inspiration, something that little bit different and special can produce surprising results.

IMG_20160318_092640_wmSimple as that!

With having such a creative mind, many times I would be working on a hairstyle and think I have the perfect finishing touch for this hairstyle, so off I go into the garden and snip a rose from the bush. Simple, natural and incredibly effective.

I have been using fresh flowers quite a lot since last summer for weddings, photo shoots and catwalks. This year I have started using a lot of hair props like pearls & feathers.

Working with the alternative is something I love doing and as one of the chief hairstylists for NW catwalk (May 14th & 15th 2016), I will really get to let my creativity loose on hair props but keep it to what you can have for your big day. I prefer setting the trends, not following them!

If you are bride that is having a themed wedding why not match your theme into your hair in the same way you would your venue? It can really work. Don’t be afraid, it will get everyone talking and looks amazing in your wedding photos.

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Creatively Yours,

Jemma 💜

Creative Jemz