Alternative Bridal Bouquets

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The traditional wedding bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers is a timeless classic that will never date or go out of style. The wedding bouquet looks beautiful, compliments the dresses of the bride and bridesmaids and gives them something to do with their hands as they walk down the aisle.

So nobody can deny that the bouquet serves it’s purpose, but what if you want something a little bit different to the usual style. Well fret not because in the world of the modern wedding,

Image : Brooch Bouquet -

Image : Brooch Bouquet –

anything goes so here is our round up of variations of the traditional bouquet.

Brooch Bouquet

Something completely outside the box, forget the flowers completely and go for something with a little more glitz and glamour.

The beauty of a brooch bouquet is that you can make it as colourful and as sparkly as you like. The downside is that it can be extremely heavy and also quite fragile if dropped or thrown. So maybe give the traditional bouquet toss a miss if you’re going for this option.



Image : Lavender Bouquet -

Image : Lavender Bouquet –

Lavender Bouquet

Absolutely beautiful for a spring wedding, a lavender bouquet is rustic and unusual and can be used a filler for a more traditional bouquet or as the main attraction. With its beautiful colour and fragrance lavender will make a delightful contribution for any wedding.


Image : Single Stem Bouquets -

Image : Single Stem Bouquets –



Single Stems


One of the most striking yet simple bridal bouquets that carries with it an air of elegance and grace. A large and single flower can make a fantastic impression of simplicity and can also be used as a beautiful compliment to a summer celebration.


Image : Butterfly Bouquet -

Image : Butterfly Bouquet –

Butterfly Bouquet

Very fun, very girly and very summery and definitely something extremely individual. THe butterflies are normally attached to wires to give them a little bit of spring and bounce.




Image : Feather Bouquet -

Image : Feather Bouquet –

Feather Bouquet

A bouquet with feathers can be used for any season depending on what feathers you’ve used. Soft and natural, feathers add texture and individual character to any bridal bouquet.