Alternative to Flowers

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WHILE floral bouquets have traditionally been the norm at Irish weddings over the years, a popular choice among modern day brides is beginning to emerge in the form of alternative bouquets. From brooches and buttons to door knobs and balloons, bridal bouquets are now being created in a variety of different ways.

Not only does an alternative bouquet lend something unique to your wedding day, in these recessionary times, they are also a great way of saving the pennies. The variety of materials which can be used to create your bridal bouquet are endless. There are so many chic options that are not only gorgeous but one-of-a-kind.

Many will last much longer than the ephemeral flower bouquet, so you can have a keepsake to hold onto — and maybe use it when you renew your vows 50 years later! A quick search of the Internet will soon provide you with all the instructions you need to create your amazing bouquet.

For example, beautiful roses made from thick rolls of ribbon or an ethereal bouquet made from vintage door and drawer knobs can be easily created with a little bit of DIY.

Instead of a cluster of smaller paper flowers, why not go with one or two statement flowers? These over-sized paper flowers brighten the wedding party’s neutral attire and add a whimsical quality.

Pearl-like beads are also a great choice for a glamorous wedding and are perfect for a non-traditional spin on a formal bouquet. If you are having an autumn, or winter themed wedding the opportunities increase, consider having a pinecone bouquet or use other dried flowers.

Ribbon and just a touch of glitter add an enchanting quality. Purple artichokes and ferns are another wonderful alternative to floral bouquets while spray-painted berries can contribute a glittery touch to unusual bouquets.

A very popular choice among brides going down the non-floral route is to have a bridal bouquet made out of vintage brooches. But, a similar, and more cost effective bouquet can be created using low cost sparkly jewellery from many high street fashion stores.

If your wedding is more of a light-hearted event, then why not inject some fun into the day with a balloon bouquet, or for the bride with a little bit of edge, a bouquet made of aluminium wire, vintage crystals, and pearls is quite a unique idea.

So, whatever your choice of bouquet, be it roses, ribbons or rope, you can be guaranteed that there is nothing which is beyond the realms of possibility to add that extra something to your wedding day.