Average Wedding Costs Revealed

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BudgetPlannerDownloadLike ripping off an old-style sticky plaster let’s get the painful bit out of the way first… today’s average wedding costs £20,500.

There, we have said it. Once you come to terms with the fact that this is probably the biggest amount of money that you will spend on one day in your life, then you can get on with sorting out what and how you are going to pay for it.

How close or how far away you get to this average depends on the choices you make such as the venue, the number of guests and all the lovely, yet if we’re honest, non essential finer details.

The majority of couples do not have a parent or family member willing to foot the entire bill so you need to sit down as a couple, get the calculator out and have a realistic conversation about each others expectations.  Always remember, and I know we’ve said this before, but your wedding day is only the start, you have your whole lives in front of you.

Use our budget checklist and planner to get you started. This list is not exhaustive so we have left some blank spaces at the end for other items.

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