Be Our Guest: 6 Awesome Unconventional Ideas For Wedding Invitations

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During preparations of the last wedding I attended, the following topic came up in conversation: “What is something that nobody ever thinks about when it comes to wedding planning, but it is actually quite challenging to pull off well?”

Everyone agreed that wedding invitations were one of those things, and that most people these days want to do something different than the typical letter in the post – even if it’s just a different way of announcing the date.

After scanning the internet, here are a few of the most unique ideas for announcing your big day:

1. Invitation video

Most ‘save the date’ videos are incredibly romantic, and are a great way to make something special to remember for the couples and their families. This can be sent via email, Facebook, Twitter as a beautiful and practical way to get your message to everyone.

2. Hire a Singogram

This one might sound crazy, but the response from loved ones online is truly endearing. Singogram’s are musically talented individuals you pay to perform your invitation during a surprise encounter with your loved one. The surprise invitation is then videoed and shared online to announce the big day to a bigger desired crowd. This can also accompany an additional invitation if desired to ensure numbers, but it’s a nice way to break the ice.

3. Through a song surprise

Slightly different from a hired Singogram, a bespoke composition designed especially for your desired friends and family might be a cool way of grasping their attention and also a way of building excitement coming up to the big day.

4. From the art

This is more mellow approach and includes ideas like putting a scroll in a bottle during a dinner, putting your date on a cake, writing your message in sand at the beach during your next social gathering, or even something as simple as sending chocolates out in the post and putting the invitation just under the lid. Each person will know what will appeal to their loved ones most. Just remember, an invite with your art is an invite truly from the heart.

wedding invitation

5. With the help of a random animal

One of the craziest ways that we’ve ever seen a ‘save the date’ announcement being made is on the back of a ram walking around with the date attached to their hoodie at a couples social gathering… and we loved it! It doesn’t have to be a ram though, it can be a dog, or a cat, or a snake if it makes sense.

6. The Prank

Picture this: A post on Facebook from you begging for help as you have been wrongly stuck in jail and the only way to get bailed out is for your loved ones to save the date. Or how about the classic whoopi cushion joke which immediately after should prompt the chosen victim to check under their seat where they find their invitation? Make sure to record everything and share online to inform others of the date. There are endless creative ways to prank your loved ones and this can make for a quick laugh when it comes to the speeches part of your big day!