Be Prepared: 10 Important Things Your Groom Might Forget

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From the wedding photography and flowers, to the ceremony, table plan, entertainment and more, there’s so much to organise. Everyone must do their bit when it comes to organising a wedding, which includes the groom. There’s so much going on that he could easily forget something. Here are 10 things your groom might forget and how you can safeguard against it:

1. The rings.

The rings are a crucial part of the ceremony. Forgetting to iron out the details around rings could blow the whole celebration, especially if there’s another ceremony afterwards, which won’t leave time for anyone to double back and collect them. Call the groom and the best man on the day to confirm the arrangements have been made and they’ve got the rings with them.

2. A treat for the bride.

The groom should always do something nice for the bride when you’re both getting ready separately. They could have breakfast delivered to you. They could buy a special gift for you to open on the morning of the wedding. Unfortunately, sometimes grooms forget about this. Don’t worry — the bridesmaids will remind him. They won’t want to see their bestie upset.

3. To eat breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — and even more so on your wedding day. The groom might be nervous, excited or plain anxious to crack on, but he should make sure he has a solid breakfast before the wedding. Ask the groomsmen to make sure he has something to eat.

4. The plan.

You’ve been organising this for the last 6 or 7 months at least. Don’t let the groom spoil everything by turning up at the wrong time or ruin it for you by asking constantly what happens next. Go through the plan with him a few days beforehand and ask the groomsmen to go back over it with him the day before.

5. To say no.

It’s normal for the groom to go out with the ushers for a drink or two before the ceremony. It may even help to steady the nerves, but the groom needs to remember that this is their wedding day, not a night out with the boys. Have a quick word with the groomsmen and tell them to keep him on his best behaviour.

6. To scrub up.

Believe it or not, some grooms don’t put all the effort into their appearance that they should for the day of their wedding. Some forget to shave, trim their beard or have a haircut. Others forget to iron their shirt or their ties. Have a quick chat with your father-in-law-to-be. He won’t want his son embarrassing the family with an unkempt appearance on the day.

7. To stay hydrated.

With all the preparations and organisation going on, it’s normal for the groom to get in the spirit of things, socialise and drink a bit more than usual in the days leading up to the wedding. They’ll have a big weekend ahead of them, though, so ask them to drink some water between drinks to stay hydrated and stave off a hangover.

8. Read through the vows.

Make sure your beau reads through his vows a few times before you head for the altar. Take special care to do this if you’ve decided to write your own vows. The more times he reads them, the easier it’ll be to recite them on the day. Mission accomplished.

9. To keep the groomsmen in check.

A wedding is a thrilling occasion, but sometimes the groomsmen can get a touch rowdy. It’s up to the groom to calm them down and ensure they perform their duties as groomsmen. The groom should run through the plan with them and make sure everyone knows what they need to do, where they need to be and when. Enlist the help of the best man if you think they won’t comply.

10. Get some photos.

The groomsmen could get so caught up in the occasion, or even just in the arrangements, that they forget to have their photos taken. Hopefully, the photographer will be on top of their game and will ask the groom to stand for some pictures with and without their groomsmen.

You’ll be busy, of course, and won’t have time to keep an eye on your groom to check if he’s remembered everything he should. Some clear communication between you, the groom, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen, however, can keep him on track and be at his very best on the big day.