Be Prepared: 8 Crucial Ways To Avoid A Wedding Car Crisis

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Weddings are a happy time, but there’s also a lot of pressure to get everything right. When you’ve got such a big day ahead of you and a million and one things to do when it finally arrives, the last thing you want is for a wedding car setback to throw a spanner in the works.

The brides in the movies might make it to the church on time against all the odds, but real life just isn’t always that kind.

So here are 8 tips to follow when making your arrangements to avoid a wedding car crisis:

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1. Look for a local transport company

It’s often better to book with a local company, since they can provide a more reliable service. Their drivers will know the area and many of its wedding venues better than an out-of-town transport provider. Staff at your wedding venue should be able to recommend a reputable company.

2. Choose a car compatible with your wedding theme

This is your wedding car and, ideally, you should choose one that fits in with the overall theme of your wedding. Classic cars are versatile and will work well at all types of wedding, but don’t be frightened to go for something a bit more outlandish if you feel like it.

3. Book your wedding car several months early

Waste no time booking your car. As soon as you find a car company that meets all your requirements, get talking to them straight away and book the car. Wedding car booking slots fill up months before the weddings themselves, so prioritise booking your transport.

4. Check the car company offers chauffeur service

You don’t want to find out on the day that the car you’ve booked doesn’t come with a chauffeur. Check whether the car company will provide a chauffeur and save yourself the stress of trying to find a friend or family member who will drive the car for you.

5. Confirm who the car owner is

Some companies will hire cars from other companies if one you like isn’t available. In terms of reliability, this is risky because it adds another middle party to the proceedings and you could end up with either a late arrival or, the worst possible scenario, a no-show on the day. Stay on the safe side and avoid hiring a car if the company doesn’t own the vehicle.

6. Read the contract carefully

Skim over the contract and you leave yourself open to potential trouble, such as late arrivals, no-shows and picking up the bill for damage that you might not even have caused. Check the pick-up date, time and location; the car make, model and colour; that the car is insured; and what the cancellation policies are before you sign the contract. Once your name is on that dotted line, you’re at the mercy of the car company, so give the contract a thorough read.

7. Take potential delays into account

Don’t cut it fine with the transport arrangements. Make allowances for traffic jams or any other potential delays that could stop the car from arriving at the church on time. Calculate the time it should take to reach the church, and the route the car should take, and add on 30 minutes so that the bride will arrive punctually. Include these calculations in your transport contract. The photographer might also want to get a few more shots when the wedding car arrives at the ceremony venue, and again when you reach the reception venue, so you should factor in some time for this as well.

8. Don’t forget about the photographer

The wedding photographer will need to take shots of the wedding car and the bride in the wedding car, stepping out of the wedding car, etc., and then later, of the bride and groom together in the car as a married couple. Remember to save them a seat.

Plan your wedding transportation carefully and you can spare yourself a wedding car crisis whether that crisis is getting caught up in traffic, the car company leaving you in the lurch or not managing to book a car at all. Choose your car, get it booked early and get ready to have an amazing day.

By Peter Jenkins