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FB_IMG_1441693333968_wmI’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about my blog with North-West Brides, so here I am, writing about something I love more than anything, something that lights a fire in my belly. I hope you enjoy.

I’ve always been artistic and creative, so being able to mix two of my favourite things and carve a career for myself was a dream come true. It’s hard work, but it’s half the battle when you love what you do and I do!

While I love and appreciate the traditional, I’m passionate about being different and creating looks that stand out!

IMG_20151126_103357_wmWhy be the same as all the other brides? Set a trend, don’t follow them!

Every bride has their own personality and their own ideas, whilst some brides like to play it safe with their style, others take their hair and wedding to the next level. My advice: ”Stand Out from the Crowd. Let people talk about you for all the BEST reasons, like how awesome YOU look!

Why not try something different?

We’re all guilty of trawling through Pinterest looking for hairstyles, ideas and inspiration, I was no different when planning my own wedding, but what exactly are you looking for?

Maybe you’ve seen the hairstyle you have always liked but thought it wouldn’t suit you or that it was too ‘out there’, well now is your time to be different, after all the only thing stopping you is you!

You don’t have to follow everyone or try to blend in with other people. It’s your day and all eyes will be on you, so why not give them something different to look at?

IMG_20151124_224620_wmDon’t be nervous

I have had so many brides in the past come to me, each one nervous about their hair. (After all a ladies hair is her crowning glory.) They’re pinning like mad & googling photos or going through magazines cutting out pictures, but sometimes all it takes is a conversation with your hair stylist.

Tell your Bridal Specialist about your ideas and what you would like. This is why hairstylists & make up artists do bridal trials.

Hair trials before a wedding day is an important part of my job and I highly recommend at least two trials, a ’traditional yet modern style’ and a more ‘inventive creative style’.

The traditional hairstyles will always, always have their place, but one thing that will make them different is what you and your hairdresser can make different about them.

IMG_20150906_072305_wmCreative Up Styling is the most exciting aspect of my job. It’s not just hair to me, it’s the main ingredient to a ‘work of art’.

Many years ago I gave up planning my hairstyles in advance because I let my mind and hands do the talking. Talking to and getting to know the personality of the bride causes the creativity to flow.

Every Stylist is different and has their own signature and way of doing things and let’s not forget that hair has a mind of it’s own sometimes!

That said, remember it’s your wedding day, not ours. Just don’t let regret rear it’s head!. You don’t want to end up looking back on your wedding day and thinking “oh I wish I had tried that up-do”.

So when you are having your hair trial, be sure to try what you really want and be sure what you want before your ‘Big Day’.

You want to be the bride who everyone talks about for months, so don’t be afraid to break away from the norm. Comments like, ‘Did you see her hair?’ ‘Did you see what she put in it?’ ‘Wasn’t it so unusual?!’ ‘I wouldn’t have thought of that, it really looked amazing’, are what you are aiming for.FB_IMG_1441482837446

Being different is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing to stand out, people notice you more.

If you would like to step away from the norm and try something different give me a shout, I would love to hear from you.

Creatively yours,

Jemma 💜

Creative Jemz