Bouquets Breaking Tradition

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Your flowers and wedding party bouquets are a massive part of your big day as they add a special element to your photos and overall theme. The good news is that bouquets are becoming increasingly more diverse and you are not tied to selecting flowers. If you are struggling for ideas or want to something different from traditional styles, take a look through our twelve Bouquets Breaking Tradition for inspiration.

1. Wrapped up


Keeping the colour of the flowers to minimal and creating the statement with ribbon is a great idea. This particular bunch creates a very elegant cream and black bouquet with the ribbon hooped up around the subtle cream roses.

2. Heart Set on A Colour


If you have your heart set on a particular colour and are finding it difficult to find, get creative. You don’t have to use flowers to create your bouquet. This beautiful blue number was created with royal blue feathers and various metallic objects to create a bouquet perfect for a winter wedding.

3. Sun Burst


The bright orange lilies are a sure way to draw attention to your bouquet. The mix of bright and warm colours teamed with various shaped flowers and petals create a stand out bunch perfect for a summer wedding.

4. Blushing Bouquet


Perhaps a little more traditional than the rest, but the soft pastel colours extended out from the two toned tulips creates a beautiful county style with a difference. Perfect for a spring/summer wedding.

5. Pink Pop


This bright blast of colour is balanced out with the Orchids natural soft, rounded shape. A small broach or clip added around the stem ribbon can also add a hint of sparkle.

6. Paper Petals


The soft and delicately created petals can make a stunning bouquet with the added bonus of choosing from a wide range of colours and patterns to get it just right for you.

7. You’re the One


One large flower on its own is just as striking as a full bunch.

8. Something Unusual


Some brides try getting a colour scheme for their bridesmaid dresses that is unusual and will stand out, well how about the same idea for your flowers? If it is an unusual colour for a flower it will draw in attention.

9. Fifty Shades of Lavender


It is not always about getting a mix of different colours to match. Why not try a dark to light mix of various shades of the one colour with a variety of different flowers?

10. Broach Bouquet

10-Broach Bouquet

This is an increasing popular trend. If you are looking for something completely different these beautiful bouquets can become a permanent reminder of your big day. These two beauties were used in the North-West Brides 2013 winter spread photo shoot and are from Bouquet Creations in Omagh.

11. Tropical Rainbow


Bring the tropics to you wedding. Or if you have any other country which is close to your heart why not take a look on the internet for a theme or colour scheme which relates to that country and talk with your florist to see what you can come up with.

12. Budget Bouquet

Buget Bouquet

Brides can spend a small fortune on the right flowers however if you want something which stands out but you are on a budget, why not take a walk in the country. This beautiful bunch was gathered by a member of our team and tied together with rustic string just to show how easily it can be done. It’s not often you get something for free in wedding planning, must make sure you have permission from the landowner!