Are You Brave Enough To Wreck The Dress?

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Whether you refer to it as “wrecking the dress”, “trashing the dress”, or our personal favourite “rocking the dress”, the big question is, are you brave enough to do it?

Wreck the Dress is a post-wedding photoshoot that usually takes place in an unusual location – think woodlands, beaches, rooftops, and abandoned buildings, with Brides doing unusual activities like climbing trees, being submerged in water, and even being doused in paint.

What started in Las Vegas almost ten years ago as a quirky way to get seriously statement pictures, became a popular choice for destination weddings, and now has become a more mainstream wedding trend.

The shoot offers the opportunity to get once-in-a-lifetime stunning and unusual pictures more commonly associated with high-end fashion magazines, as the juxtaposition of elegant and expensive wedding-wear is creatively destroyed against an interesting backdrop.

Not sure if you’re ready to part with the most expensive dress you may ever own? Some Brides opt to buy a more affordable second dress, or even a simple white dress from the high street, specifically for the photoshoot. That way you can have all of the fun, and keep your actual wedding dress pristine.

Here are our top tips for your Wreck the Dress shoot:

1. Safety First

Let’s get the boring bit out of the way – safety first! While jumping off a ravine into a lake might make for an excellent photo opportunity in your head, it may also land you in hospital. There are reported incidents of Brides jumping in to water in heavy, or multi-layered, dresses and having difficulty rising to the surface again either due to the weight of the dress when wet, or because they got tangled in the folds. While it’s fun to be silly for the photos, don’t put yourself at risk.

We love this amazing shoot below from Huffington Post.

We’re loving this underwater shoot of Melissa and Jacob by Sacha Blue for Huffington Post

2. Inject Some Colour

Photoshoots that use colour tend to be the most effective as it contrasts so sharply with the white dress. If you can, arrange for friends and family to get involved to get photos of them covering both the Bride and Groom in full technicolour!

We love this paint trash the dress by White Studio Israel

3. Make it personal

While underwater shoots might make you feel like The Little Mermaid, put a unique twist on your Wreck the Dress by using items personal to you as a couple. Do you share a favourite ice cream flavour, or favourite food? Use it instead of paint to get messy.

We love this wreck the dress beach shoot from

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press