Bridal Season

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Over the past month ‘ Creative Jemz’ has been extremely busy with bridal hair and with many more wonderful weddings on the horizon, it’s safe to say that we have our work cut out.
We’ve been working alongside an amazing photographer Louise from Tickled Pinkett Photography.
Three of the weddings I’ve worked on have been very close together and i have had the pleasure of working with louise on two.
Every Wedding has had it’s own individual style from the hair to decor of the venue.

There has been one wedding that really got my attention, that of Mr & Mrs Thompson (Wendy & Kyle).
By now you all know i have a passion for being different. Well what can i say, this Wedding was themed around Alice & Wonderland. Everything from the invites straight through to the favours were designed to match the theme.
This extravagant celebration and all it’s beautiful decor, was set in the stunning grounds of the Beechill hotel in Derry/Londonderry.
The Ceremony was outside in a Spectular Setting of flowers,rivers and trees, followed by a recepition in a gaint white marquee, decortated to resemble an Alice and Wonderland Fantasy.

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I have known Wendy for nearly 2 years what with her being one of my clients in the salon.
Kyle on the otherhand i have known all my life, as we grew up together, along with our group of mutual friends.

I was over the moon to have a chance to create an amazing hairstyle for wend. Something completely different
No curling, no tongs, just twists pinned into place. Simple but stunning. Small Pearls and two bespoke hair slides to pick from. We couldn’t decide between them, so I made them into one.

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Screen shot 2016-07-21 at 15.19.37











This bride had thought of everything. The morning of her wedding she was so releaxed and had fun with her two bridemaids Christine and Stacey.
She had organised breakfast for everyone, and an amazing breakfast it was i have to say. With a cheese board, Croissants and good old ustler fry, we were well fed and ready for action.

Screen shot 2016-07-21 at 15.25.29
For the bridesmaids hair, she kept things traditional with good old french roll. Wendy’s dress was lace from top to bottom simply and was simply stunning. Espeically with all the little personal touches added by Wendy, to make it truly unique.

Louise from Tickled Pinkett Photography captured great images from Start to Finsh. I have worked with Louise before on alot weddings over the past two years. She is a truly amazing photographer, especially when it comes to Bridal. Not to mention that she is a lovely, friendly and bubbly lady.

I would like to thank Wendy for putting her trust in CreativeJemz on the morning of her wedding as we all know the hair is a part of the whole package. I would like to wish you and Kyle all best for the furture..

Dont forget to check out the pictures.

Creatively Yours
Jemma ♥