And the Bride & Groom wore…white!

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This week our Bride and Groom add a touch of sparkle in a different way…Say cheeeese!

Catherine Morris

Its been a crazy week yet again, last weekend we were non stop.

This week James and I had a bit of a cosmetic lift… A few weeks ago I spotted a great deal on the Wellbeing Spa Facebook page that I couldn’t say no to. So last Wednesday evening we headed down to Sion Mills and got our teeth whitened! I am not a big fan of my teeth, I was an odd teenager who really wanted braces, but the dentist said I didn’t need them. I now have gappy teeth that up until Wednesday had seen the wrong side of too many coffees and teas.

I have to admit the spa was a surprise. From the outside it looks like a new build bungalow. But when I got inside it was just lovely. I hung out in the Rest Room until it was my turn to get my teeth done. 45 minutes and three cycles of the non-peroxide laser treatment later and I was happy lady!

One thing that I wasn’t prepared for was the 48 hours afterwards that you can’t eat or drink anything that has colour in it! I couldn’t even eat my mixed veg soup that I had made! So all I had to eat over the next two days were crisp sandwiches and cheese toasties πŸ™


Now, I don’t quite have a Tom Cruise blinding white set of gnashers, but I am super happy with them! Its a great start to getting the teeth to go with what will be a massive smile on my Wedding day!




Perfect for the wedding photos! πŸ™‚

Catherine tells us about another “cheesy” situation in a previous blog, here it is, We all love a bit of cheese!