Brides! Brides Everywhere!

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Can you believe we’re almost half way through January already? Isn’t it just fantastic? A lot of people hate this long, cold, skint start to the year. I just can’t begin to imagine why. Actually, I totally can. If you’re not on some utterly miserable cold water and pepper detox, you’re scrambling pennies together from every crevice of the house to fend off last month’s credit card debts all the while wondering if the button on your last pair of fitting work trousers can be the hero you need it to be one more day. C’mon button! Will you ever experience true happiness again?! Will you ever fit comfortably into a size 12 again? Of course you will! That’s what February is all about and guess what – it’s just around the corner! Wahoo!

If, like me you’re tying the knot in the next twelve months this will feel like the year of you. While everyone around you is wallowing in the January blues, you’re secretly or not so secretly rejoicing that at last, at long, long last YOUR year is finally here. Who told you you get a day? No, it’s definitely a full year. Definitely.

How does it feel then, when you look at your calendar and realise that you have several friends getting married this year – some of them dangerously close to your own? Maybe some even in the same venue?! Utterly horrifying that’s how! You thought you were so special.

Brides Sense

Well of course you’re special – you’re just special in the same way that a rather large world group of other brides who are also equally special.

I have three good friends getting married this year and I’m lucky in the fact that none of them are very close to or sharing the same venue as mine – given the whole Spanish thing that would have been tricky anyway. My friends, running in two different circles are getting married in different parts of the country and in widely spaces out dates. I can’t wait for each of them.

But what happens if your bestie sets her wedding date the weekend before yours and to add insult to injury at the same venue? While opening a can of “whoop ass” may seem a justified response and you might think there isn’t a judge in the land that would convict you, it’s probably wise to take a deep breath and count to ten. Okay then, maybe a thousand.