Brides on a Budget before the big day…

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So saving for a wedding is hard work. Life goes on around the planning and ladies still need to look good. 😉 In this blog Catherine provides some tips and tricks to her budgeting before the big day.

Catherine Morris

So every bride will be on some sort of budget external to the big day itself. All your money seems to go towards the small bits a pieces to get things done, whether that be table center pieces or a 100 piece brass band walking you through your home town (just kidding… or am I… 😉 )

I love to do a bit of online shopping, especially if its just for me, I love my we treats coming through the post. I occasionally (perhaps all the time) ask if there are any parcels for me before I even ask James how his day has been (I really do come off badly in these blogs don’t I?). I love sites like Everything 5 pounds, because who doesn’t love a bargain? I have got some of the most amazing shoes from there (I have a problem with my shoe collection – every step on our stairs have a pair on them and there are some in the cupboard too :s). I have also got some gorgeous clothing items from there that I wear all the time. 9 times out of ten they are end of season items that brands are trying to get rid of. I got a gorgeous denim floaty skirt for £5 that still had its £35 New Look tag on it!!!

But this has had to slow down in the build up to the wedding. The majority of post that does arrive is bits and pieces for the big day. But with the change in weather and the fact that my work-wear wardrobe contains items that should really be used for painting, I decided it was time to sort it out!

I set myself a budget of £100 to get as many pieces as possible! I also spotted someone talking on twitter about some of the fab items on sale on the Tesco’s F&F site. I am also a massive New Look fan and decided to grab a few piece from there too!


F&F at Tesco

F&F True Dark Wash Plus Size Jeggings
F&F Checked Zip Top

F&F Jacquard Geometric Print Skater Dress

F&F Floral Print Scarf Tunic

I also got some new underwear to wear underneath it all, I think you should do a clear out of your underwear drawer on a regular basis, your underwear is the foundations of your outfit, and you don’t want a saggy foundations do you?

F&F Total: £57.00 (I also got £10 discount for my first purchase there so ended up being £47.00)

New Look

Purple and turquioise colour block cut out peep toe heels
Wide fit tan strappy open toe cork heels
Blue bow alice band
Black contrast snakeskin panel phone case

I’m not massively into accessories and find it hard to find a purse that I love. I am very lucky that James’s mum knows my taste better than I do and got me a gorgeous one last Christmas that I have been using since, but I have a habit of keeping all my receipts and then it ends up being more bulging storage container rather than a purse. I grabbed the phone case from new look on a whim because I didn’t want to have to pay postage and was £3 off free p&p. I absolutely love it! Its actually more purse than phone case but its a wee beaut!! Unfortunately its totally sold out, but really hope it comes back in stock as I’d love to get it as a gift for family!

New Look Total:

New work wardrobe total: £92.97!!!

I have to admit I am so chuffed with my buys, and I might even do a haul video to show it all off!