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Cake Toppers: Ideas To Help You Create The Perfect Wedding Cake

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Traditionally miniature brides and grooms or a posy of flowers were the only items to choose from to decorate the top tier of a wedding cake. However, nowadays there are a wide range of different figures available, wooden cut outs, ethnic and same sex wedding couples and in various materials.

Cut outs in light wood or plastic with special finishes such as glitter, or paint effects in all colours can be used in the couples initials, MR and MRS signs, Love hearts shapes with a special message or names added.

There is an amazing choice on-line from all the favourite Disney Characters to Star Wars, Game of Thrones and Superhero themes to add finishing touches or centrepieces to your wedding theme

Something that is overlooked in the excitement of finding your perfect topper. When you are ordering a cake topper on-line ensure it will be not too big or too small to either fit on your top tier or maybe just not look quite right. Check sizes of wires or stands that go into the cake and their width apart to make sure there is enough grip to hold the topper on the top.

If you are ordering toppers on-line remember to order well in advance, to make sure you receive it in plenty of time before the wedding. Take it to the cake maker so it can be checked for height and width against the proposed size of the top tier. If there is any problem then there is time for adjustments to be made or to return the topper to the retailer and order a different size.

The cost range of toppers can be as cheap as a few pounds on-line to a specially produced, hand crafted, ‘looky-likey’ bride and groom for £100 plus.

There are plenty of YouTube sites that demonstrate how to make your own topper, just look under your theme for a title, it can be difficult but it can also be lots of fun.

There are many moulds available on-line and in cake shops to create your own themed topper.

Check carefully what your budget is going to be and how much it will actually cost for the cake. Sometimes the toppers can be more expensive than the cake itself, so do your sums carefully.

If you are using hand made flowers to top off your wedding cake, and want them to match your bridesmaid dresses, give your cake maker a piece of ribbon or material in the exact colour, so they can get as close to the colour as possible and also be able to coordinate as much as possible.

Check measurements with the cake maker if you are having ribbon around the edge of your cake and buy an extra two metres. Ribbon can be very effective if used properly and can bring in the colour of your topper to other parts of the cake.

Have fun checking through the internet to find your perfect topper.

By Denise Walsh