It’s the car, right? Chicks love the car!

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This week James gives us some insight into his choice (and dream choice) of cars.

James Muldoon
The mode of transportation to the wedding is very important.

It ensures the bride to be is on time and at the right place. The car makes the happy couple feel like superstars (it’s like walking through the airport with dark sunglasses on, acting like you are a film star making your way to the set, avoiding the paparazzi.)

In the beginning I begged Catherine for a special car. To the core of my being, I truly wanted to roll up to the church in the BATMOBILE. Now, not the Tumbler from the rebooted Batman series, not even the Batmobile from the original Michael Keaton series, but the original Adam West 1960’s Batmobile.


This would be a dream come true.

Sadly the practicality of it all wouldn’t allow for this dream. To rationalise this I told myself I have my dream girl so I can settle for not having my dream car. Besides it’s a two seater so we wouldn’t get the rest of the bridal party in it.
Next up was the DMC Delorean from back to the future. It would be so fantastic to have this as a second option. The exact line from me was, “well if we can’t have the Batmobile can we at least have the Delorean?”
The car came with the same issues as before, when you take into consideration the flux capacitor there isn’t a lot of room left for passengers.


 There are loads of options one can choose for the day. My sister Claire went for two vintage classic cars, while my other sister had a limo. My mate Dinky had organised a surprise for his new wife and were collected at the church in a white horse drawn carriage (she had no idea about it).


We will be using the service of Glendale Limousines. They offer a choice from the newest fleet of luxury wedding cars driven by a pristine chauffeur to add all the glamor and extravagance we could wish for, and most importantly, get Catherine to the church on time. We even have the option to personalise our limousine with wedding car decoration and a custom-made number plate.

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All that being said I would still act surprised if Catherine organised a quick spin in the Batmobile for me.


You can always hope James. 😉 Check out Catherine’s post for the week on her dilema in changing her name!


Next week our wonderful couple are baking…or thinking about it anyway. 😉