Choosing Your Flowers – Artificial vs Real Blooms

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Wedding planning throws up a whole range of choices to challenge even the most decisive people – Should hair be up or down? Should I wear a veil? What colour should the bridesmaids wear? Does the wedding have a theme? The list can feel endless and often those choices are influenced by other things such as budget, venue, and the comfort of guests.

Once you’ve decided on your theme, colour scheme, and venue, it’s time to consider your options regarding flowers. There are so many blooms to choose from to create a beautiful bouquet, buttonholes, and arrangements but the first thing to decide is should you go for real flowers, or would artificial ones be better suited to your plans.

Here are a few points that may help you make up your mind;

Have fun faking it

The first plus point for using artificial flowers is there’s no pollen which for a bride with allergies allows them to have fabulous floral arrangements and a stunning bouquet without the puffy watering eyes and runny nose.

For a bride on a limited budget, artificial flowers are cheaper than their real equivalent allowing you to still have the beauty flowers bring without as much expense.

Artificial flowers are more robust, and you don’t have to worry about them wilting or getting damaged as easily as real ones. They’re also going to last, so you can keep a memento of your big day.

The options available in artificial blooms are wide and they look authentic and believable, which is great for the wedding photos,

If you decide to go for artificial flowers, it would be worth ordering a sample to ensure they meet your expectations, especially when ordering on line.

Keeping it real 

If you have the budget, and allergies aren’t a problem, then real flowers can transform your venue, adding a breath-taking beauty and magical scent.

Real flowers may be highly photogenic, but they will deteriorate in heat so make sure photographs are taken while they are at their best.

Utilise the experience of a florist to turn your chosen flowers into stunning arrangements to enhance the wedding decorations. They also know which flowers work best together, which one’s will last longer, and often have an unrivalled creative flair.

You could have the best of both worlds, with real flowers in your bouquet, and artificial ones for larger arrangements or table centrepieces, and working with a florist can help you achieve the perfect look.