Cluck Cluck! Here Come the Hens!

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Our weekly blogger Vanessa Pope chats about her impending hen do, roll on the fun!

I must admit that recently I’ve been unable to stop myself from gazing wistfully into the summer. Yes, this is supposed to be a massively exciting time and I should be enjoying every minute instead of wishing it away but I just can’t help it. This Donegal girl needs her some summer! Obviously I am enjoying every minute. Mr Brady and I have been spending our free time honing in on those finer details of the wedding and we are beginning to see the whole thing taking shape and let me tell you that it looks amazing shaped.

Vitamin D required!
While I clearly crave some sun and need to go to a chemist and stock up on vitamin D, I’m also looking forward to the summer for another reason. Hen Party! Now I’ve already said that my bridesmaids have been tinkering away on some kind of a plan and that I have no idea what said plan will involve. A lot of brides might find it a little difficult to restrain themselves from the organisation of an event that is practically second to the wedding itself. I am not one of those brides. Knowing absolutely nothing about the planned shenanigans means that I am not tempted to interfere or get involved in any of the organising and so can devote all my efforts and focus to the wedding. My girls have got the hen party and it’s theirs to do with as they will.

Taking the back seat
As I might have mentioned in a previous post, though I am taking the backest of back back seats when it comes to my hen, I have stipulated a couple of “no go” areas. I’m not talking geographical areas – although a day trip to Castlederg mightn’t be the best idea no offence to Castledergians! I mean that I have told the girls that there are certain activities I do not wish to partake in. These include but are not limited to diving, mountaineering, hand gliding, salmon fishing, kayaking, paintballing or any kind of hunting. Not my bag at all ladies, not my bag.

Day time activities
So, with the options of extreme and blood sports removed what does that leave for us to do? Well a quick search showed me that there are literally hundreds of activities open to the modern day hen party. I should mention that I am attending no less than four hen parties this summer (including my own) and each is unique and excitingly different from the next. The activities are as varied as foot golf to rollerblading. One of the hens I am the most excited about sees us going to County Clare to do a Father Ted tour – the craic possibilities with that one are endless. Lovely girl competition, anyone??

No passports needed
I have stipulated to my bridesmaids that leaving Ireland is a no because we’re already getting on a plane for Spain in September and asking people to leave the country twice for the one wedding is pretty extreme. To be honest, even if I had have been getting married down the road, I still wouldn’t have wanted to leave our wee country because I think it has everything I could possibly want in a hen party right here on our doorstep.


So now we’ve covered what I don’t want (hiking, abseiling, dirt bike racing) I should probably thing about what I do want. Well, I love silly costumes, the sillier the better. I see a lot of hen parties who have gone for the sexy as all hell look and while that’s all good and fun, I’d prefer to spend my hen night looking like a right galloping eejit. Sure don’t I look sexy enough the other 364 days of the year?! I’m joking but I do think ridiculous costumes make the night stand out and they make for amazing photos.


Girlie night out

I wouldn’t say no to the odd bit of male involvement and bridesmaids you can take that in whatever way you choose to! More than anything however, I just want a night with all my female friends with a lot of laughs, a lot of wine and then more laughs. Whatever the details that will string us all together in holy henship hardly matter as long as we’re together and having fun. Anyway as my little sister politely informs me “stop wishing for things as the thing is already booked!” Well, that’s me told anyway. I cannot wait girls!


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