Come Fly with Me!

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Well, Halloween came and went in a bit of a blur didn’t it? Such is the speed of time and not the effect of alcohol is what I meant, of course. As Mr Brady and I scratch our heads and wonder who stole our October, we’ve also been scratching a few things off our wedding to-do list. The most exciting of these has been our flights for the wedding. As you probably know, flights don’t actually become available until at most eleven months before any given date. I’m sure there’s a perfectly valid reason for this and I’m sure it’s a very proper and a well justified one and blah blah blah. It hardly matters. I am nothing if not a patient woman. Okay, then I’m nothing. I’ve actually been trying to buy them since mid-May actually and have my finger prints indented on my laptop to prove it.

You can imagine my delight then when the flights became available. You can’t imagine it? Okay, I’ll describe it to you. It was akin to Charlie finding the golden ticket, on Christmas morning, in Disneyland, after winning the Euromillions. “Doubleyay and brilliant!” thought I. “I can now buy a ticket to the country where my wedding is already booked!” Handy like. On a side note, I’ve come to discover there’s nothing quite like a wedding to make a girl gleefully spend her hard earned pennies. I half expect to read “now you see it, now you don’t” at the top of my recent bank statements. Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, Charlie and his golden ticket.

Well my chocolate factory will actually be Belfast City Airport on Tuesday 6th September 2016. It seems a long, long way on this side of Christmas but as the saying goes the early bird catches the cheaper flights. Once we got ourselves booked, a few others jumped on board and got theirs booked also and then a few more and a few more and before we knew it, Air Lingus was contacting us to ask if we’d like them to name the plane after us. I said yes of course – we’ll call it the Pope Mobile!

Booking our flights has made me think about luggage and you can understand “luggage” here to mean The Dress. How do I transport it? What if they try to take it off me at the airport? How serious are they about that “no fly list” and how long exactly would I stay on it? I mean clearly, bride and wedding dress will not be separated, even if I have to handcuff myself to the thing although I don’t know how they feel about handcuffs in security. Careful now! With all that in mind, I picked up this wonderful travel case online.

I did consider being modest about The Dress but then I thought to hell with that! Sure if I can’t be a diva about my wedding dress, when can I? Also, yes I do realise that as per my earlier blog post, I am undecided about the name change but this came as standard, I really swear. Anyways, all that aside if they try to get this off me, they’ll have a definite case of B.G.C. on their hands. That is airport speak for Bride Gone Crazy in case you didn’t know.

Getting our own flights booked was just one more step in making the whole thing seem like it’s really happening, a concept I think I’ll have difficulty with up until the day itself. Even more startling however is the idea that other people are also booking their flights. Some have even booked their accommodation. As I said to Mr Brady the other night, “if you get cold feet about this wedding, think on this – we’re gonna have to give these people something!” So, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of show we can put on in Spain, should the wedding not go ahead. We’re not really good at much in fairness. I used to play the accordion when I was thirteen but I doubt many people would be satisfied with that and what would he do while I play? A jig? He does do a pretty good re-enactment of the “Charlie bit my finger” video but again, would that be worth an airfare? And what if I had to actually bite his finger? I might well take the hand and all of him! There are just so many questions. No, the audience, I mean relatives are coming to see a wedding, so give them a wedding we shall! It promises to be one hell of a day and if they’re really really lucky, I’ll even get my accordion out!

Bride Accordion