Couples Throw Out £500 Worth Of Food Per Wedding

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According to new research conducted by Sainsbury’s, a tenth of all wedding food – equal to a food waste bill of almost £500 for the average celebration – is thrown away.

A quarter of UK couples revealed that they even purposely “over-cater” so that there’s no risk of their guests going hungry, despite wasting £488 worth of food.

The poll determined that it was mostly uneaten wedding cake and edible favours for guests, such as personalised chocolates and sweets, that made up the contents of the waste – 37% of guests said they don’t eat their edible favours.

It also emerged that the average UK family throws out £700 in food each year.

Official statistics found that couples spend an average of £3,245 on their wedding food, of which £717 went on the cake, £365 on edible favours and £558 on drinks.

The tradition of keeping the top tier of the wedding cake for the first child’s christening contributed greatly to wedding cake waste, although 15% of couples confessed to eventually throwing it in the bin rather than eating it!

Evening food, excess wine and left over course joined the other waste, with one in 10 poll participants saying they rarely finished all three wedding breakfast courses and a fifth admitting they preferred to dance and drink over a second round of food.

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By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press